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Putin and Trump: BFF’s or What?

As I have said in previous entries, I don’t completely trust the horoscope that is most often used for Vladimir Putin. In Astrodatabank it is labeled “C” for caution. The original source is the webmaster of Putin’s official website. We don’t know where he got the information. Other times of birth have been proposed, both through rectification (using events in a person’s life to determine the time) and from other sources. Still, there are things about this chart that do sound right, like Pluto on the Midheaven, Scorpio is rising and the Sun in the secretive Twelfth House.

With this in mind I decided to a chart comparison between this version of Putin’s chart and the horoscope of Donald Trump. Even though Trump has denied meeting Putin before their two hour long talk at the G20 Summit (a statement that contradicts a boast his made a few years ago) it is obvious that Putin is playing a large role in Trump’s life right now. Because of the allegations of collusion between his campaign and the Russians and comments Trump has made during the last year praising Putin, it's hard to think of one of these men without thinking of the other.

Click on Putin/Trump to see a double chart with Trump’s on the inside and Putin’s on the outside.

The most striking thing about this double chart  is the fact that Putin’s Pluto forms a nearly exact sextile to Trump’s Sun and a trine to Trump’s Moon. Of course, Pluto is a slow moving planet. Just about everyone born in 1952 would have this connection to Trump’s chart. What makes it significant is the fact that Pluto in Putin’s horoscope is powerfully placed on his Midheaven. It also rules his Ascendant. This makes Pluto a particularly potent factor in this chart.

I would read this connection as a “dangerous attraction”. In an interview with Bill O’Reilly, Trump praised Putin as a strong leader and he didn’t seem at all put off when he was reminded that Putin sustained that power by having opponents killed. I think Trump admires Putin’s ruthlessness. I’m not implying that Donald Trump wants to kill people. (Body slamming CNN would be quite sufficient.) I’m just saying that he finds a certain allure or fascination in this kind of power.

Another interesting connection between these two charts is the aspects to Trump’s chart made by the conjunction of Mercury and Neptune in Putin’s. These aspects include a square to Trump’s Venus and Saturn, a trine to his Sun and a sextile to his Moon. The trine and sextile aspects indicate that Trump can be persuaded by Putin. (Thus his tweet about joining the Russian is a defense network against cyber attacks.) As far as the square is concerned, if this was a chart comparison for a romantic relationship, I would have to tell Trump that allowing himself to be persuaded by this man will eventually lead to heartbreak.

The last connection I want to talk about is the conjuction between Putin’s Saturn and Trump’s Jupiter. This is actually a positive indicator for a working relation. The restrictive attributes of one party would counterbalance the effusive qualities of the other, and vice versa. I think Trump’s hope for improved relations with the Russian is based on this aspect. However, given the other connections between the charts, I think it would be difficult for Trump to enter into any relationship with Putin in which he would not be totally dominated.

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