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The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the TrumpTrumpDJr Image

Two days ago, when the New York Times first reported that Donald Trump Jr. met with a Russian lawyer with ties to the Russian government, Trump Jr. denied that the meeting ever took place. Then he said that he had met with the Russian, but the purpose of the meeting was to discuss a program that would allow families in the U.S. to adopt Russian orphans. Now he says that the real reason was to discuss damaging information that the Russian had on Hillary Clinton.(Apparently two lies to get to something that is close to the truth is the new standard of veracity)

This has put Donald Jr. on the hot seat. From an astrological perspective, this is to be expected. Members of a family unit often have similar configurations in their horoscopes. For example, Ivanka Trump has Venus and Neptune in Sagittarius conjunct her father’s Moon and opposite his Sun. Donald Jr. has Mercury in Sagittarius similarly placed. In fact, the conjunction between Junior’s Mercury and Senior’s Moon are exact. (Click on Donald Trump Jr. to see the chart.)

What this means is that the Saturn aspect that I predicted would be causing major trouble for Donald Sr. this summer, (click here to see that article) is also going to be disrupting the life of Donald Jr. When transiting Saturn conjuncts Mercury it is not unusual for a person to get in trouble because of things that they’ve said. The fact that Donald Jr. lied two times (at least) about this story is what’s currently causing him problems, though more problems may be on the way if he’s called on to testify under oath about this meeting.

Another factor in all the heat that Donald Jr. is getting is a conjunction by transiting Mercury to natal Mars. It would be a good idea for him to avoid saying anything about this affair for a day or so. Anything he says under this aspect (as we have seen) is only going to get him into more trouble.

Just like daddy, Donald Jr. is going to be struggling with this Saturn aspect until the end of September. Saturn is the great rectifier. It rewards those people who have live in accordance with Saturn virtues like hard work, diligence, respect for authority and truthfulness, and it punishes those who don’t. For Donald Trump Jr.’s sake, we should hope that he is in the former group, because if he isn’t he can also expect a long, hot summer.


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