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Trump Meets With Putin

Today’s meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin promises to be a defining moment in the Trump administration. The President has been turning up his criticism of Russia in prepared speeches, but he still seems unsure about the Russian cyber attack on our election, despite what his intelligence agencies keep telling him. The only thing Trump has to say about the matter is that it was Obama’s fault.

Looking at Trump’s horoscope for today we see transiting Mars moving into a semi-sextile to his Sun and a quincunx to his Moon. These are not powerful aspects, but they do add to the pressure already being placed on his Sun and Moon by transiting Saturn. (For more on that, see my article, DonaldTrump’s Long, Hot Summer.)

This tells me that Trump will be entering the meeting in an aggressive mood. (To which you answer, when is he not in an aggressive mood?) However, because of the nature of the aspects involved he’s going to have trouble finding an effective way of displaying that aggression. Considering what Saturn is currently doing in is chart, he is likely to appear tired and distracted.

I have serious doubts about the horoscope we have for Vladimir Putin. (Click on Putin to see the chart.) As a former KGB agent, documentation about his life has likely been falsified. However, if it is a valid chart, or even if the birthday is correct, Mars is not helping him out either. The planet is square his natal Neptune, making this a bad day to take any kind of action. He is also going to have trouble staying focused during the meeting.

Of course, another way of looking at Mars square Neptune is to say that actions Putin will be taking during the meeting will involve matters that are secret, unusual and possibly dishonest. In light of the investigations that are currently taking place into collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian hackers, this could lead to a very interesting conversation.

One advantage Putin has (if this chart is correct) is the placement of transiting Jupiter near his natal Sun. Just has Trump is entering what we might call an “unlucky” period of his life, Putin is finishing a “lucky” time span. He will be feeling expansive and confident and quite capable of making the most of Trump’s lack of energy.

Looking at these aspects, I don’t think this meeting is going to match the hype that has gone into it. Even the posturing that typically characterizes these events is likely to be awkward and unconvincing. If any substantive discussions do take place, they will involve issues that neither man will want to talk about afterwards.

What’s more worrisome for Trump is the fact that Mars will be moving into a conjunction with his Saturn this weekend. This is not going to be a long transit, but when Mars hits Saturn it generally coincides with illness or physical injury. Placed in the context of Trump’s Saturn aspects, this could make for a miserable weekend for the President.