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The Astrology of LuckNewtonHImage

Helmut Newton was a photographer famous for his erotically charged fashion shots, but that’s not really the most interesting thing about him. He was also a German Jew born in Berlin in 1920. He entered his teens in Germany just as Adolf Hitler was taking power.

According to Newton’s autobiography, he paid little attention to the politics of the time. He was too busy flirting with girls (even non-Jewish girls) and having a good time. His father lost the button factory that had financed the family’s prosperous lifestyle in 1936, but as far as Helmut was concerned that just saved him from being forced to work there and left him free to follow his true passion, photography.

Then came “Kristallnacht”, the night when Nazi thugs destroyed Jewish business and synagogues all over Germany. Newton’s father was arrested and Helmut was forced to go into hiding for several days. Fortunately for him, his mother took action. She had learned of a man in the Gestapo who might help them. After the heat from Kristallnacht had died down, she took her son to see this German official. The official started in by yelling at them and insulting them, but once they were alone, he told Helmut’s mother how to get her husband out of jail and acquire a passport for her son.

The result was that in Dec. 1938 Newton became one of the last Jews to leave Germany legally during the Nazi era. He was put on a train bound for China. In fact, the train only got as far as Singapore, but Newton was able to attract the attention of a wealthy woman who took him under her wing and into her bed. He lived as her gigolo until 1941 when he moved to Australia.

What was going on in Helmut Newton’s horoscope during this period? Nothing if you chart a horoscope for the time he gives in his autobiography (11:30 AM). However, if you do a chart for the time cited on his birth certificate (11:45 AM), secondary progressed Venus is moving across his Ascendant. (Click on Helmut Newton to see the double chart.)

This sort of secondary aspect can manifest in many different ways. It can result in a period in which the person feels optimistic and at peace with world. It can also denote a period in which the person’s focus in on relationships and artistic pursuits. On the negative side, it can also represent a time when the person feels lazy and disengaged with serious matters. But most of all, it is aspect of positive outcomes. Things tend to work out in our favor when Venus is helping us along.

By 1941 secondary progressed Venus had moved away from Newton’s Ascendant. In Australia he was immediately put in an internment camp along with other German nationals. Then he became a somewhat reluctant soldier in the Australian army for the duration of the war. Obviously, his Venus period was over. But, unlike the many of the Jewish friends and relatives he had left behind in Germany, he was still alive, and able to pursue his dream of becoming a famous photography.

It should be noted that in Newton’s natal chart, the Moon is powerfully placed on the Descendant, and it is trine to Uranus, an aspect that often results in surprising good fortune. Good luck in astrology generally requires two components, a fortunate transit or progression involving Jupiter, Venus, the Sun and sometimes Uranus and aspects and placements within the natal chart that are conducive to this kind of good fortune. Helmut Newton had both and this, along with the courage and ingenuity of his mother, allowed him to survive.

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