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The Long, Hot Summer Begins

A few weeks ago I wrote about the transits that Donald Trump will be experiencing during the next few months (click here to see that article) and how those aspects could represent a major challenge to his presidency. Now I realized that I left one aspect out. That is the quincunx between transiting Saturn and Trump’s natal Saturn. The quincunx is not a major aspect, but when I look at what Trump’s up to right now, it speak volumes.

The reason that this quincunx is important is because it triggers the conjunction of Saturn and Venus in Trump’s natal horoscope. The classic interpretation of this aspect is “trouble with women.” This has, of course, been an issue throughout Trump’s life, particular with women who were not under his direct control. (That is to say a wife, daughter or women bound by a confidentiality agreement.) By triggering this natal aspect, transiting Saturn brought all the ugly implication of Saturn conjunct Venus to the foreground.

And what do we get, a Trump twitter storm directed to the female co-anchor of “Morning Joe”, Mika Brzezinski. What’s happening in Brzezinski’s partial horoscope (without a time of birth) is also interesting. Around the time that Trump’s tweets hit the news transiting Mercury was moving into a square with Brzezinski’s Mars, with transiting Mars not far behind. (Click on Mika Brzezinski to see a double chart with her partial horoscope in the middle and the transits for Thursday morning on the outside.) These aspects scream conflict and verbal assault.

The significance of Trump’s attack on Brzezinski goes far beyond just another one of his tiffs with the media. Even Republican congressmen and congresswomen are rushing to condemn Trump’s actions and call them “unpresidential”. More important, Trump’s rage at Brzezinski may have played a part in the hitch the Senate health care bill ran into this week. Reportedly, instead of wooing reluctant senators during a meeting and “closing the deal”, Trump went into tirade about Brzezinski. So far Republicans have found it convenient to ignore Trump’s excesses, but when they start interfering with legislation it’s not so convenient.

As I explain in the article referenced above, this is only the beginning of Trump’s bad summer, and I’m sure that most of the trouble that comes his way will be of his own making. I think we will see more of Trump’s “women problems” in the coming months, along with his lack of self-control and narcissism. And if this first blow is any indication, we might also see an erosion of support for Trump in the Republican dominated congress.

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