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Paul Ryan and the Health Care Showdown

If you are not in a state of high anxiety right now, count yourself lucky. That means you are not dependent on Obamacare or Medicaid for your health insurance. The Republican health care bill that is set to be voted on by the Senate next week promises to make major changes to both.

The bill is still far from becoming law. Even if it passes in the Senate, which is by no means a sure thing, it would still have to be justified in committee with the House version. However, with a practiced manipulator like Mitch McConnell at the helm in the Senate, the chances of it making it to committee seem pretty good.

That puts the health care bill back into the court of Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House. Since we don’t have a complete horoscope for Mitch McConnell, I decided to look at the secondary progressed chart of Ryan. What I saw did not bode well for this health care bill.  (Click on Paul Ryan to see a double chart with Ryan’s natal horoscope in the middle and his secondary progression on the outside.)

Right now, Ryan’s secondary progressed Sun is opposed to his natal Jupiter. Secondary progressed aspects don’t usually related as strongly to external events as transits, but they are a good predictor of a pervasive mood or state of mind. With this SP Sun opposed to his Pluto (which is in the Tenth House) Ryan will be going through a period of frustration. He’s going to feel blocked and hemmed in. This often results in an increased effort to push the ego forward and take control of the uncontrollable.

This secondary progressed aspect has been going on for a while in Ryan’s chart. We saw evidence of it in the way that he rammed through the House version of the health care bill, making changes on the fly to appease various representatives. He’s going to be doing the same thing with the committee work on the Senate bill. The thing about aspects between Pluto and the Sun is that a win often costs you more than a loss. These aspects are supposed to teach us something about our own powerlessness. Failing to learn that lesson usually results in big trouble.

It is interesting that with this aspect closing in that a man from his district with a blue collar background has announced his intentions to run against Ryan in the next election. Practically speaking, Ryan doesn’t seem to have much to worry about. But a failure to pass a health care bill, or worse, a health care bill that proves to be woefully inadequate, could change all of that and Ryan could find himself not just powerless, but out of a job.