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Saturn and Tiger Woodstiger woods

Back on Memorial Day, when Tiger Woods was arrested on DUI charges transiting Mars was opposed to transiting Saturn. That transit made it a less than stellar Memorial Day weekend for a lot of people, but particularly for Woods, who was found by police asleep in his car. In Woods’ natal chart, transiting Mars was near his Midheaven and transiting Saturn near his I.C. His bad weekend became headline news.(Click here to see a double chart with Woods’ natal chart in the center and a chart for the time of his arrest on the outside.)

What made this more than just a bad weekend for Woods was the fact that Saturn was moving retrograde (backwards relative to the Earth) toward a conjunction with his I.C., one of the crucial passages in a Saturn cycle. When Saturn crosses an angle of the horoscope like the I.C. we are often called upon to account for our mistakes and misjudgments. (I write about this in detail in my book, Saturn Cycles: Mapping the Changes in Your Life.)


In the book I point out that a lot depends on how we use those crucial aspects in our Saturn Cycles. If we insist on ignoring the facts, if we refuse to acknowledge our deficiencies and take responsibility for our actions, Saturn can bring us down hard. However, if we do the right thing, if we own our weaknesses and really work to make ourselves better, our efforts are usually rewarded in the next Saturn passage.

Yesterday, Woods announced that he was seeking “professional help” for his difficulties handling drugs he has been taking for back pain and insomnia. Saturn is now within a degree of a conjunction with his I.C. (It will be exact in late June, a week before is court hearing.) The fact that Woods is taking this step is an indication that he is making good use of this Saturn transit. I think he should be commended for this.

Saturn is going to remain near Woods’ I.C. for the rest of the summer and into October, so he’s going to have to be serious about making changes in his life. Saturn rarely lets us off without hard work and hard choices. If he’s not, then he can expect further problems and further embarrassments, particularly in October when the Saturn’s conjunction to his I.C. becomes exact again.