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The Neptune in Aquarius Generation Does It AgainNeptuneAquaius

The generation of youngsters born between 1998 and 2012 continue to amaze me. They make up half of the wave of Middle Eastern and African immigrants moving into Europe, and a large proportion of them make this journey on their own, without an adult. A few weeks ago I pointed out on these pages that many people in this generation were opting out of the male/female divide and defining their sexuality as “other”. (Click here to see the article.) And now we have evidence in Russia of this generation’s revolutionary potential.

A recent article in Time magazine describes a growing protest movement in Vladimir Putin’s Russia, and the people spearheading this movement are teenagers, born with Neptune in Aquarius. (Click on "Putin's Children" to see the article from Time.) The object of their ire is the oligarchy that surrounds Putin and the way these privilege few have pillaged the Russian economy to enrich themselves and impoverish everyone else.

Aquarius is, of course, the sign revolt and humanitarian zeal. Neptune relates to a lot things: creativity, spirituality, illusions, compassion and pop culture. But, on a generational level, it describes the vision of a generation, their hope for a better world. We can see this hope for a better world in the youngsters who leave their homelands and risk their lives to get to Europe and America. We see it in the young people who refuse to fit their sexuality into traditional categories. And we certainly see it in the teenagers who are standing up to Putin and his secret police.

We might compare these Russian protestors to the young people in the U.S. who were energized by Bernie Sanders in last year’s election. However, the Neptune in Aquarius kids in Russia are risking arrest and violent reprisals. It’s a well-established fact that Putin cares little for the welfare of his people and will stop at nothing when it comes to silencing his opponents. It may be the illusionary influence of Neptune that cause these youngster to ignore the risk they are taking, or it might be the revolutionary spirit of Aquarius. In any case, this generation refuses to accept the status quo.

How much impact these protests will have on Putin’s grip on Russia remains to be seen, but the thing to keep in mind is that these young protesters are not going away, and as they get older and move into position of power themselves, their ability to make changes will only increase. This is the case in Russia and all over the world, and I think that it gives us all reason to be optimistic about the future.

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