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Saturn and the Sibley Chart

I’ve talked a lot about how transiting Saturn is going to impact the horoscope of Donald Trump over the next couple of months. I’d like to now point out how this planet, which is currently moving retrograde (backwards in the sky relative to the Earth) in Sagittarius will influence the chart most commonly used for the United States of America, the so-called Sibley chart.

Around the same time that Saturn will be opposing Trump’s Sun and conjuncting his Moon, Saturn will also be opposite Mars in the Sibley chart. It will actually be within a one degree orb of this opposition for most of July and all of August and all of September. What’s interesting about this is that the last time this aspect occurred in the U.S. chart was in 1987, during the Iran-Contra hearings.

Iran-Contra, for those who are too young (or possibly too old) to remember, was a scandal that rocked the Reagan administration. Operatives working for the administration had arranged to secretly sell arms to Iran, who was at the time considered America’s greatest enemy, and then used the funds generated by those sales to support right-wing guerrillas who were conducting a somewhat half-hearted insurgency against the duly elected (and avowed communist) President of Nicaragua.

All of this was, of course, done illegally and a Congressional hearing ensued. The result was a lot of questioning, posturing and proclamations of patriotism, but not much in the way of punishment. Some people were eventually convicted of various criminal charges but Reagan and his successor, George H.W. Bush, pardoned them all.

Astrologically what we saw was a stalemate between the executive branch of government (symbolized by Mars) and the oversight duties of Congress (symbolized by Saturn). The opposition aspect describes conflict, but not necessarily resolution. The hearings barely put dent in Reagan’s popularity and, even though they succeeded it stopping the operation, they fell short of sparking nationwide outrage.

So here we are again, with high-profile, televised Congressional hearings. If history repeats itself, it would seem that they will sputter and spew for a while but provide few concrete results. But there are some differences. Reagan was a popular president, famous for his ability to come out of sticky situations without a stain. This is not the case with Trump. Also, even allowing for the fact that we don’t have a reliable time of birth for Ronald Reagan, he had nothing going on his chart that year that was nearly as impactful as what’s going to be happening in Trump’s.

I’m wondering if the stalemate indicated by Saturn opposed to Mars in the Sibley chart might not have anything to do with the Russian hearings. The Republican health care bill that passed the House a couple of months ago has yet to emerge from the Senate. Apparently there are changes being made in it that already have ultra-conservatives in the party grumbling. It could well be that these right-wing Republicans will be the Saturn that blocks the Mars initiative the more centrist members of the party and the health care package will once again fall apart.

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