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The Anti-Trump SpeaksComeyRightImage

A while back I asked the question, “Is James Comey the Anti-Trump”. (Click here to see the article.) The reason I wrote that was because Comey’s Sun in Sagittarius is almost exactly opposite Trump Sun in Gemini. Today, in testimony in front of a Senate committee, Comey proved that, at least for the time being, that he is indeed the anti-Trump. He poses the most powerful treat to the President we’ve seen so far.

One thing that Comey’s testimony established in my mind is that he was not born in the early morning. His Moon is definitely in Scorpio, which means he must have been born after 8AM. Sun sign Sagittarians can be aggressive, particular when their credibility had been questioned, but the reports of Comey’s testimony have the smell of Scorpio revenge. Also, at the time of the testimony Mars was at two degrees of Cancer, trine the early degrees of Scorpio. Such an aspect would have put Comey in an particularly confrontational mood.

What is most striking about Comey’s testimony is that he used the “L” word. He called the President a liar. Sagittarians have a special affection for the truth. They often feel compelled to speak it in situations in which a little fudging would be so much easier. So, nothing gets under a Sagittarian skin quicker than someone who speaks falsehoods.

Of course, the White House, through Trump’s attorney, was quick to hit back at Comey, calling him the liar. It does seem to come down to a “he said, he said” situation, but Trump’s record on speaking truths is not so good. Though his hardcore supporters, who base their worldview on his tweets, will no doubt vouch for him, the rest of the population is likely to have doubts.

Astrologically, a contest of truthfulness between a Sagittarian and a Gemini can only go one way. Though Geminis are by no means always liars, they do see words as tools that can be used in different ways. From their point of view truth is mutable. It changes depending on the speaker and the listener. Donald Trump as made it clear on several occasions that what he said was the truth at one point in time was not so true at another, and vice versa.

Another thing that is evident is that the long hot summer I predicted for Donald Trump has started early. Saturn is still a few degrees away from opposing his natal Sun and conjuncting his natal Moon. So the situation for him is not likely to get better. It seems inevitable that more “anti-Trumps” will emerge in the coming weeks.

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