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Bill Clinton’s Big Eclipsecllinton 72

Last week I discussed how the solar eclipse in August will impact the horoscope of Donald Trump. (Click here to see the article.) Of course, eclipses are not that rare. We get a couple of solar and lunar eclipses every year. Eclipses in area around the fixed star, Regulus (late Leo and the first degrees of Virgo), are more rare, but eclipses in this region and also on a planet in the horoscope of a sitting president are extremely rare, almost impossible. And yet, it’s happened before.

On Aug. 21 1998 there was an eclipse of the Sun at 28 degrees of Leo. At that time the President of the United States was Bill Clinton whose Sun was placed at 26 degrees of Leo. The situation is not exactly the same as President Trump’s, who has his Mars at this degree, but it is close. (Click on Clinton-Eclipse to see a double chart with Clinton’s in the middle and the eclipse chart on the outside.)

Anyone who remembers 1998 knows what was going on in Bill Clinton’s life during that period. In January of that year the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke. Ken Starr, the special prosecutor appointed to investigate Clinton’s involvement the land development deal called Whitewater quickly expanded his investigation to incorporate the President’s sexual relationship with Lewinsky and other women.

On Aug. 17, just a few days before the eclipse, Clinton was deposed by attorneys working with Starr. Testimony he gave with regard to his affair with Lewinsky was presented to a grand jury (that was hearing the law suit of Paula Jones against the President). Discrepancies in that deposition led to a charge of perjury that became the center piece of the impeachment proceeding against Clinton that began in December.

Like Trump, Clinton was also going through a powerful Saturn passage during this period. Transiting Saturn was square its natal position. (I discuss this in my book, Saturn Cycles: Mapping Changes in Your Life.) It is also true that Clinton’s problems came out a longstanding character flaw. We don’t yet know what this eclipse will bring President Trump, but my guess is that flaws in his character that have been evident for years will prove to be central issues.

Of course, Trump has one huge advantage that Clinton lacked. His party controls both the House and the Senate. What Clinton faced was just the opposite. That’s why experts say that the chances of an impeachment proceeding against Trump are slim. We also have to remember that the Senate failed to impeach Clinton, and he was able serve his full term in office.

Despite these facts, I think what happened to Bill Clinton in 1998 shows how significant the astrological situation Trump faces this summer can be. The circumstances will almost certainly be different, but with Saturn involved, those circumstances are going to have long range importance. Saturn finds ways of correcting our behavior, of rewarding the positive and punishing the negative, and often we don’t see the significance of what’s happening until it is directly upon us.

Though our attention during this passage will no doubt be focused on Trump, we can’t forget that the August eclipse also represents a new challenge for Bill Clinton. Mars will be squaring his Moon at the time of the eclipse. This is a dangerous aspect and could have a major impact on Bill Clinton’s health and well-being and the health and well-being of women in his life.

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