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Is Jared Kushner Too Pretty for Prison?

A while back, when Jared Kushner's rise within Trump’s posse was making news, I took a quick look at his partial horoscope. What I noticed was that transiting Pluto was on his natal Sun. I remarked that this is typically a difficult passage, and I noted that in one example I had seen such a transit had actually coincided with a prison sentence. At the time, I didn't think that was an option for Kushner. Now, not so much. (Click here to see the previous article.)

Last week it was revealed that Kushner failed to report several contacts he had had with Russian officials in the forms he had filled out to get a security clearance. This is a felony and punishable by prison time. Then there came a report that Kushner went to the Russian ambassador and requested a secret, secured line of communication with the Kremlin (aka Vladimir Putin) through their embassy that would circumvent by U.S. intelligence. That sounds very much like treason, which is also punishable by prison, if not firing squad.

There are a few things you do not do when you are facing a serious Pluto transit. The first is you don’t engage in surreptitious behavior. Sure, we all have secrets, but this is not the time to add to the list, because during this transit at least some of your secrets will be revealed, and nine times out of ten they are going to be the secrets that will damage and embarrass you the most.

The second thing to keep in mind during a Pluto transit is to resist with all your might the allure of power. Pluto is very good at giving us the appearance of power and then pulling it away to reveal how hollow and illusionary that sense of power really was. Another way this can manifest is in an unreasonable lust for power. There is always a feeling under a Pluto transit that no matter how much power and control you have, it is never enough.

Finally, the most important thing to remember during a Pluto transit is that, no matter how convinced you are that you have everything under control, you don’t. Events and circumstances beyond your reach can always mess with your plans. It might be the weather, it might be the stock market, it might be a congressional investigation, but something bigger than yourself will take over your life and reduce your sense of control to dust.

Apparently, Jared Kushner has not followed any of these rules. This is not a surprise since Mercury is square Pluto in his natal chart. This gives him a taste for power. Also, since the square is to Mercury, Kushner feels the source of that power is his intellect, the idea that he is always the smartest guy in the room. Of course, the stories that came out in the press indicate quite the opposite, but that’s the nature of a Pluto transit. It is never more dangerous than in that moment when you think you’re being brilliant.

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