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Donald Trump’s Long, Hot Summertrumpimage

I have been holding off on writing this article because I wanted to wait until the aspects in question were closer to exact, but the scandal around Trump is heating up at such a pace that I don’t think I can wait any longer.

Right now Saturn is retrograde, that is to say it appears to be moving backwards in the sky relative to the Earth. Saturn will continue this retrograde motion until it is within a degree of forming an opposition aspect to Trump’s Sun at the end of June. On Aug. 24, Saturn’s motion relative to Earth will shift. It will start moving forward again. By that time is will be just one minute of the arc away from an exact conjunction to Trump’s Moon and still within range of a conjunction to his Sun.

These are significant aspects. Saturn’s opposition to the Sun generally marks an important passage in a person’s life. Very often this comes in the form of a significant challenge to one’s ego or physical vitality. Saturn conjunct the Moon is an aspect that separates us, either physically or psychologically, from the functions of the Moon. This could be a physical separation from people we love, particularly women, or lack of compassion and emotional openness. Very often it results in a period of melancholy or even depression.

Trump has experienced these aspects before. In December of 2016 Saturn crossed these same degrees. However, at that time he had several very positive transits and progressions working for him. Except for a brief period during the last week of August and the first week of September, this will not be the case this summer.

And that’s only the beginning of Trump’s bad summer. On Aug. 21 there is going to be a solar eclipse at 28 degrees of Leo. That happens to be very close to Trump’s natal Ascendant (at 29Leo58) and his natal Mars (at 26Leo47). That in itself is not good, but there is something else significant about these degrees of the zodiac. They are in the vicinity of the fixed star Regulus.  (Click here to see a double chart for Trump and Aug. 21.)

I don’t make much use of fixed stars myself, but the resume of this one got my attention. Regulus is associated with kings and conquerors. It seems quite appropriate that a narcissist who sits in a golden chair and demands two scoops of ice cream when everyone else gets one would have this fixed star significantly placed in his chart. However, Regulus is also associated with war and disaster, and with the fall of kings and conquerors.

The experts tell us that people expecting a quick exit for Donald Trump are fooling themselves. Even if this Congress were to decide to impeach him, which is highly unlikely, the proceedings would drag on for months and even then wouldn’t necessary end the way his detractors would like. However, these aspects tell me that something big is going to happen to Donald Trump this summer and, even it is isn’t impeachment, it’s certainly not going to be pleasant.

Will this long, hot summer be the end of Donald Trump? When I first looked at these aspects in January, I doubted it. However, what I’ve seen from Trump during these last few months has me rethinking this position. Trump is entering this astrological gauntlet in much weaker position than I had previously expected, and when bad aspect hit you when you’re already down, they tend to do their worst.