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Donald Trump vs. Robert Mueller

Last week I pointed out that the Trump presidency seems to hit a new bump in the road with every transit to his natal chart. That trend continued this week when Mars made a conjunction to his natal Sun. Right on cue, news came out that Trump had asked officials at two different U.S. intelligence agencies to quash the investigation into ties between his campaign and Russia. It seems that even when the President is out of the country, the fire building around his ankles keeps getting hotter.

Of course, the turning point in this affair occurred last week when Robert Mueller was appointed as a special counsel to take over the investigation. With that in mind I thought it might be interesting to do a chart comparison between Trump’s horoscope and a partial chart done for noon on Mueller’s birthday. (Click on Trump-Mueller to see the double horoscope.)

You might recall that when I did a similar double chart for Trump and James Comey, Comey’s Sun landed directly opposite Trump’s Sun and conjunct Trump’s Moon. We can see a similarly strong connection between the horoscopes of Trump and Mueller. Mueller’s Venus is conjunct Trump’s Mars. This would be a positive indicator in a romantic relationship, producing a strong sexual attraction. That’s not the case here, of course, but I should add that, in a romantic relationship, the sexual attraction would come with the probability of a lot of arguing.

The crucial connection between these two charts is the square to Trump’s natal Uranus by Mueller’s Mars. Trump’s Uranus is in his Tenth house and it has a lot to do with his public image as a “disrupter”. The square from Mueller’s Mars indicates that he is going to attack this disruptive element in Trump’s nature, and the fact that Mueller’s Mars is in Virgo tells us he is going to do this by analyzing the details.

This would all be a lot clearer if we had a time of birth for Mueller. Then we would be able to see how his Moon plays into this scenario. If Mueller was born shortly after midnight his Moon would be at around 22 degrees Pisces, placing it in a square aspect to Trump’s Sun and Moon, and trine Trump’s Saturn. This would indicate a fateful interlocking of the two horoscopes, much in the way that the connections between Trump’s and Comey’s charts indicating two lives intertwined.

Nonetheless, what we can know for sure about the connections between these two charts is enough to tell us that Mueller is going to be as disruptive a figure in Trump’s life as Trump has been in politics. I’m thinking that the most interesting summer reading that we’ll all be doing during the next few months will be newspapers and news feeds on our computers. Why would you want to bother with a novel with all this going on?