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Astrology at Work: Rosa ParksParksRImage

How does a person go about deciding to be a hero? It’s usually involves a confluence of events, character and a choice. On Dec. 1, 1955 Rosa Parks made a choice not to obey the order of a Montgomery city bus driver and give her seat to a white passenger. That was about an event, her character and her choice, but the astrology involved is interesting.

 (Click here to see a double chart with Parks’ on the inside and the chart for December 1, 1955 on the outside. Please note that the chart for Rosa Parks in not considered reliable. The time appeared on a website, but the ultimate source is unknown. In this discussion I will only touch on matters that are not dependent on the time of birth.)

On the day that Rosa Parks became an American hero transiting Mars was forming a square aspect with transiting Uranus. There couldn’t be a more dynamic indicator of rebellion. It is aspect for snap decisions and defiance. When Parks boarded that bus she was just looking for a ride home. She had no grand plan for a protest against segregation. It was only when the bus drive demanded that she and the other passengers in the first row of the “colored” section give up their seats that Parks decided that it was time to take action.

Mars was also sextile transiting Jupiter on that day, so everyone involved, Parks, the bus driver and law enforcement officers were acting with supreme confidence. Everyone had a sense that they were doing the right thing. However, Mars as also separating from a conjunction with Neptune, so there is a lack of clarity. The fact that Parks was seated in the row designated for African-American actually made the charges on which she was arrested bogus from the beginning.

Of course, there were other black bus riders seated in the same row as Parks. Why was it that only Parks decided to remain seated? To answer that question we have to look at what was happening in her horoscope. On that day transiting Saturn was nearing an opposition to her natal Saturn. Saturn was moving quickly and would complete the aspect in just a couple of weeks.

When Saturn makes a hard aspect to its natal place that is an important point in one of the two Saturn cycles. Choices we make during these periods have far reaching consequences, and they are often a significant test of our character. Parks had to make a choice, and with Saturn pushing her, she made the choice that expressed the best qualities her firm, highly principled Aquarian personality.

It is interesting that Pluto is also involved in this aspect. By time Saturn completed its opposition with Parks’ natal Saturn, Pluto would be square to both. This certainly represents the oppression that Parks faced, but it also describes the wider struggle that would come out of her act of defiance. After Parks was arrested the NCAAP organized a boycott of the Montgomery bus system. That boycott is widely regarded as the beginning of the civil right movement in this country.

Aspects within the Saturn cycles are generally challenging. One way or another they call on us to display strength, patience and courage beyond what we might normally think is our capacity. In that sense, every juncture in every person’s Saturn cycles gives that person the opportunity to be a hero. Rosa Parks is an example of someone who made the most of that opportunity.

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