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When Good Aspect Happen to Bad Planets (Part Two)

In my last article (which I just published today, sorry) I talked about the grand trine formed by transiting Saturn, transiting Uranus and Donald Trump’s natal Mars. I remarked that this was an aspect system that seemed beneficial but involved planets that generally seen as troublesome. My reading of the aspects was “Everything is going great, until it ain’t.”

With trine aspects there is a positive flow of energy, but when planets like Saturn, Mars and Uranus are involved that energy can end up flowing in destructive directions. That’s what happened to President Trump with the firing of James Comey. Now it has happened again with allegations that Trump released classified information to a foreign government during a chummy chat with the Russian Ambassador and the Russian Foreign Minister.

I don’t usually consider aspects by the faster moving planets when I’m looking at politics, but with a hyper-active President like Trump, who seems to act on impulse, I think I’m going to have to start. Trump fired James Comey when transiting Mars was square transiting Neptune. Under such an aspect, actions taken will have unforeseen results. Trump expected that firing Comey would get bi-partisan support. Instead, it made him look like a crook.

Right after the firing, still under that Mars square to Neptune, Trump met with the Russian official mentioned above. He apparently took this opportunity to brag about an intelligence operation that was classified. Again, an action that was bound to have unforeseen results.

The results of that act came when transiting Mars moved into a conjunction with Trump’s natal Uranus. That’s when the Washington Post broke the story. Mars conjunct Uranus is all about sudden shifts in direction. It’s a shock and awe (or “aw shucks”) sort of aspect. Since Uranus is placed in Trump’s Tenth House, the aspect has had a negative impact on his reputation.

By Thursday Mars will have moved past Trump’s natal Uranus. That’s the thing about these inner planet aspects. They seldom last more than a couple of days. However, in Trump’s case, Mars will continue moving through Gemini until it hits his natal Sun next Tuesday. That aspect is likely to produce a new revelation or scandal.

When I looked at Trump’s chart after his election I concluded that he would encounter his biggest challenge this in July and August of this year. I based that on the movement of slower moving Saturn and the eclipse in August. However, Trump seems to be working on a different time scale. Maybe, instead of looking at the big astrological events, I should have been looking at the smaller, day-to-day aspects. A friend of mine used to talk about “the death of a thousand tiny cuts”. That seems to be what the Trump administration (and we as a nation) are experiencing.

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