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When “Good’ Aspects Happened to “Bad” Planetstriangle

Right now, in the horoscope of Donald Trump transiting Saturn and Uranus are forming a Grand Trine with his Mars in Leo. A Grand Trine is a linking of three planets with 120 degree aspects so that they form a large triangle across the horoscope. It’s supposed to be one of the most positive indicators in astrology, but there are exceptions.

In Trump’s case we have disruptive Uranus combined with authoritative Saturn and combative Mars. The connotations of these planets is by no means always negative, but all together they can spell trouble. It’s like you threw a party and invited only your three most dysfunctional friends. At some point the onion dip is bound the hit the fan.

Interestingly, this aspect system is similar to the one that dominated Hillary Clinton’s chart in the weeks previous to the election. She had transiting Saturn trine her natal Mars and Pluto. It wasn’t a Grand Trine because Mars and Pluto are conjunct in Clinton’s chart, but it was a “good” aspect involving planets that a typically seen as negative influences.

If you’ll recall, things seemed to be going pretty good for Clinton before the election. The polls and most of the pundits were predicting that she would win. And then she didn’t. This is the kind situation we often find with this kind of aspect system. Our actions are facilitated. We are getting things done with surprising ease. Everything seems to be going great, until in ain’t. And that’s when we start crying.

Just a few days ago, things seemed to be going great for Donald Trump. The House had passed a health care bill that could possible replace Obamacare. The bill still faces a big hurdle in the Senate, but that didn’t stop Trump and his troupe from celebrating. And then he decided to fire Jim Comey.

The firing of Comey seems to have become Trump’s archetypical “tar-baby”. The harder he lashes out at his former F.B.I. chief the more stuck he becomes. Now there are calls for a special prosecutor, and any person Trump appoints to replace Comey is bound to get relentless scrutiny. Many people consider the firing tantamount to a signed confession of wrong doing on Trump’s part. Others call it the actions of a petulant child.

This Grand Trine will not last forever. By the end of May Saturn will have moved outside a one degree orb. However, where Saturn is heading looks even worse for the President. The planet will conjunct his Moon and oppose his Sun for the bulk of the summer. I’ll have more to say about this later, but whatever plans Trump has for a summer vacation are definitely in jeopardy.

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