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Will Donald Trump be a Wartime President?trumpimage

Back in April 2001 I read an article in The Mountain Astrologer written by Jim Shawvan. Shawvan predicted that the then newly elected president, George W.Bush, was going to involve the U.S. in a war. At the time I recall thinking, “With who?” The Russian empire had fallen apart. China was developing its own form of controlled capitalism. It seemed that all of this country’s traditional enemies were at peace. Of course, my question was answered in emphatic fashion a few months later on Sept. 11.

 Shawvan based his assertion that Bush would be a wartime president on the fact that Bush’s natal Mars formed a sesquidquadrate with his Midheaven. That seemed a little weak to me, but then I noticed that Bush had Mercury conjunct Pluto on his Ascendant. This aspect as lot to do with Bush’s famous problems with the English language, but Pluto has many of the martial qualities we associate with Mars, though with Pluto the aggression is largely hidden and tends to be drawn out. The wars Bush led us into were, for the most part, long, grueling guerilla wars.

The horoscope of Donald Trump also has Mars in a prominent position. It is very strongly placed in Leo close to his Ascendant. Even more worrisome is the placement of Trump’s natal Sun on Mars in the Sibley Chart. (Click here to see a double chart with the U.S. Sibley chart in the center and Trump’s on the outside.) Taken together, these aspects could certainly be seen as indicators that Donald Trump is destined to be a wartime president.

That idea has been reinforced in recent weeks with increased belligerence from the Trump troupe toward both North Korea and Iran. Trump has made not-so-veiled threats directed at both countries. Also, there’s our tiff with Russia over that airfield in Syria. Though that disagreement is probably more a matter of posturing that any real military threat, it is still unsettling.

And yet, despite all these factors, I don’t think that Trump will become a wartime president. For one thing, I don’t believe he’s going to be around that much longer. When Saturn returns to conjunct his Moon and oppose this Sun this summer, all of the troubles he has be able to sidestep so far are going to start hitting home. Secondly, from what I see in the Sibley Chart, war is not in the picture for the U.S. this year. I admit the validity of the Sibley Chart is open to debate, but it has worked pretty well for me so far.

On the other hand, if Trump is able to survive his summertime troubles and stay in office until 2020, then we have a completely different picture. That’s when a major military action by the United States is most likely, when transiting Pluto opposes the Sibley Mercury and approaches a conjunction with the Sibley Pluto. This will be a time of overwhelming transformation for this country, and Pluto transformations are never pretty. If we still have Trump as our leader during this period, it is not going to make it any prettier.