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Fox Fires O’ReillyOReillyImage

News that Bill O’Reilly is being pushed out of Fox News after an investigation into the numerous charges of sexual harassment that have been lodged against him has me wishing we had a time of birth for him. It would be interesting to compare his complete horoscope to that of Bill Clinton. Both are men share the triat of being pretty smart (regardless of what one might think of their political opinions) above the waste, and down-right stupid below.

But it seems that we have to forge ahead with a chart done for noon of O’Reilly’s birthday. (Click on Bill O’Reilly to see the partial horoscope.) We don’t have to look hard for egotism in this chart. The Sun (ego) is trine expansive Jupiter. The aspect is wide (almost 5 degrees) but reinforced by a nearly exact semi-sextile to Pluto. O’Reilly is a man who understands power and how to use it.

Given the sexual nature of the charge made against O’Reilly, it might be helpful to look at the placement of Mars and Venus in this chart. Mars is in Leo. As I say in our Mars/Venus Playbook, people with Mars in Leo like to be the person in control in sexual situations, and the sense that they are in control has a lot to do with how they respond sexually. The greater the sense of control, the sexier they feel.

O’Reilly’s Venus is in Libra. This is indicates that he is something of a romantic. People with Venus in Libra are often highly skilled in the arts of flirtation and romance. Unfortunately, they are sometimes so skilled that they assume that everyone is going to respond to their charms. That actually might be the case when the person is in his or her 20s or 30s. It becomes less likely as they creep up on 70.

Since we don’t have a time of day for Bill O’Reilly we can’t say exactly where his Moon is, but if he was born any time after 6 AM it would be opposed his Venus and square his Jupiter. This would certainly indicate an expansive personality, but it would also describe someone who needs massive amounts of affection and emotional reassurance. Since the Moon is in Aries, the person would tend to react aggressively in situations in which that affection was withheld.

Speaking of the opposition of Venus and the Moon in O’Reilly’s chart, transiting Uranus (Uranus in the sky right now) is currently opposed to his Venus and possibly conjunct his Moon. Uranus aspects bring change, and O’Reilly is facing what has to be a huge change of course in his life. The opposition to Venus, in particular, tells us that he is going to have to change his attitude toward women. That might be a tough thing to do for a man of his age, but he as the Sun in adaptable and always practical sign of Virgo, so such a (long overdue) change is not totally out of the question.