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Is Fake News Fake?

Back in December I wrote an article linking the rise of so-called “fake news” to the entry of Neptune into its own sign of Pisces. (Click here to see the article.) In that article I lamented that fact that, out of all the positive, inspirational attributes of Neptune and Pisces, the one we seem to be getting is the Neptunian tendency to obscure facts and fog reality.

Now it seems that, as often happens with Neptune, the strange has taken even stranger turn. Alex Jones, a conservative commentator noted for his far-out conspiracy theories is saying that he’s been actually lying about lying. Jones is currently battling his wife in court over custody of their children. The wife contends that Jones’ inflammatory rhetoric and eccentric views are a bad influence. Jones’ lawyer has countered this by saying that Jones is just a “playing a character” and the he doesn’t really believe what he’s saying.

A look at a horoscope done for noon on Jones’ birthday (click on Alex Jones to see the chart) reveals that the attorney may be correct. Jones’ Mercury is in Pisces and it is square to Neptune. Obviously, when it comes to fake news, Jones was made for this stuff. Interestingly, transiting Neptune crossed Jones natal Mercury and squared his natal Neptune back in February.

Some people might be surprised to see that Jones is a Sun sign Aquarius. There’s a tendency to link Aquarius with liberal politics, but the fact is that several prominent Republicans are or were Aquarians: Paul Ryan, Sarah Palin, Dick Cheney, Glen Beck and, of course, Ronald Reagan. Aquarians are idealists, and Ayn Randian capitalism is as valid as an ideal as any economic theory.

What interests me about Jones’ Sun is the fact that it is conjunct Jupiter and square Mars. I’ve only seen snippets of his show, but what I’ve seen reveals plenty of over-the-top Jupiter and lots of take-no-prisoners Aries aggression. From these aspects, instead of a showman, I would categorize Jones as a salesman, the kind that you don’t ever want to have between you and the door.

This brings us back to the Mercury square Neptune aspect. Is Jones telling the truth when he tells us he’s lying about believing that 9/11 and the Sandy Hook shooting were set ups?  The answer is “yes and no”. In the world of Neptune and Pisces there are no permanent truths, not unquestionable facts, no definitive yes or no. Jones can now say, with absolute honesty, that he didn’t believe what he was saying, just has he said, with absolute honesty, that he did when he was saying it.

If that sound shifty, then welcome to the worst end of the Neptune/Pisces world. It is also a perfect description of the political circumstance in which we live, in which statistics that once weren’t reliable sudden are and major alliances that were once obsolete aren’t obsolete any longer. It should be noted President Trump, who is apparently a devoted viewer of Jones’ program, also has Mercury square Neptune.

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