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A New and Improved Donald Trump?MarsSymbol

It is interesting that since Uranus as moved away from its trine to President Trump’s Moon and its sextile to his Moon, the “Great Disrupter” has suddenly started acting like a typical Republican president. He’s suddenly changed his mind about N.A.T.O. and Chinese monetary manipulations and he apparently sees every international crisis as an excuse to bomb somebody.

Never mind that Trump’s new “big stick” diplomacy is a direct contradiction to his “American First” campaign promise. If the people who voted for him had looked up Gemini in any Sun sign book they would have known that Geminis never feel bound by what they’ve said in the past. Changing their minds is the Gemini prerogative.  So Trump’s sudden shift away from his isolationist campaign rhetoric should come as no surprise.

In previous entries I’ve talked about the increased influence of his Scorpio daughter and his Capricorn son-in-law. They have apparently come in to steady Trump’s ship of state after a couple of very stormy months. The problem, of course, is that these two know nothing more about international politics or running a government that Trump does. So we have to hope they’re listening to the few people in the Trump cabinet who have such knowledge.

Astrologically, Trump’s new militancy is not surprising. (Click here to see a double chart with today’s transits on the outside and Trump’s natal chart in the middle.) His natal Mars is being hit by a series of significant aspects. Saturn had moved retrograde to within a degree of a trine to his Mars when the U.S. attacked that airbase in Syria. That aspect will continue for the rest of this month and into May. At the same time transiting Uranus is moving closer to a trine to Trump’s Mars. That aspect will become exact in May.

Meanwhile, transiting Mars has been transiting Trumps M.C. for the past couple of days, and it getting ready to square in natal Mars on Easter Sunday. The Sun gets into the picture this weekend with a trine to the President’s natal Mars and a square to his Venus. These are not an important aspects in themselves, but in the context of these other contacts to his Mars, and the increased tension with North Korea, they are worrisome.

If we do manage to get through this weekend without a nuclear war, sooner of later Donald Trump is going to have deal with the trines from both Uranus and Saturn to his Mars in a non-military arena. Uranus is going to bring out the erratic, disruptive Trump that comedians have grown to love over the past several months, while Saturn will restrain him and push him to be more conservative and serious.

It will be interesting to see which of these planets will wins out in April and May, but my money is on Uranus, which is also square his Venus. Over his lifetime Trump is has shown much more affinity from Uranian actions than Saturn actions, largely because Uranus is very strongly placed in his natal charts. Changing their minds is easy for a Gemini. Changing the habits of a lifetime, on the other hand, is hard.

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