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Xi JinpingImage
The Chinese Factor

Last week Donald Trump met with the Chinese leader, Xi Jinping. Nothing seems to have come out of this meeting except the typical platitudes and generalities, but I couldn’t help noticing that the two men had something astrological in common. Both are Geminis. In fact, their birthdays are one day apart (in different years). That means that Trump’s natal Sun is conjunct Xi’s Sun.

What this connection indicates is that these two men have a high level of compatibility. They look at the world in the same way. Of course, that level of compatibility is complicated by the fact that the countries they lead are competing with one another in many areas. When two Geminis get together in a competitive situation each is going to be trying to outsmart the other. To see who will outsmart who, we have to look more closely at the horoscopes.

If you click on Xi Jinping you’ll see a double chart with Trump’s in the middle and Xi’s on the outside. Keep mind that we don’t have a time of birth for Xi so the exact placement of his Moon is unknown. (It could be anywhere between 29 degrees of Cancer and 12 degrees of Leo.) The first thing you notice is that Xi Sun is not just conjunct Trump’s Sun, it is opposite his Moon. These are two men who understand one another on a visceral level, but Trump is going to be more open to Xi’s influence than Xi is to his.

Another interesting connection between the two charts is the sextile between Trump’s Mercury and Xi’s Venus. If it weren’t for the politics involved, they might be best buds. There’s an easy communication between the two.

That brings us to Xi’s Moon. If I had to guess at a birth time for Xi, I would say in the evening when his Moon would be closer to a conjunction with Trump’s Pluto. I say that because it seems that Xi entered this meeting with some trepidation, as if he were feeling vulnerable. Contrary to what one might expect, the meeting was not widely covered by Chinese media, possibly because Xi was wary of the American President’s famous unpredictability. Trump’s Pluto (power) makes Xi’s Moon (vulnerability) take precautions.

As I said, when two Geminis compete the question becomes which one is the smartest. For that we have to look at the situation with Mercury in the two charts. Both Xi and Trump have Mercury in Cancer, but where Xi’s Mercury is conjunct Uranus, Trump’s is square Neptune. I think we’re all aware of what Mercury square Neptune means. It provides for an extremely subjective and skewed view of the facts. Mercury conjunct Uranus, on the other hand, describes a clear, highly rational manner of thinking that is capable of sudden, surprising burst of inspiration. In this battle, I think we have to give the advantage to Xi.

Xi is the son of a high ranking Communist official who was hauled away during the Cultural Revolution in the 1960s and put in jail. Xi (who was just a boy at the time) responded by becoming the reddest member of the Red Guard. As we might expect for a Sun sign Gemini, he is adaptable. Trump has also shown an ability to bend with the political winds. (After all, not long ago he was a liberal Democrat.) We can only hope that these two adaptable Geminis will find a way to accommodate one another and avoid the confrontation that so many international observers see as inevitable.

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