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Jared Takes OverKushnerImage

Recently we have seen evidence of a shift in the chaotic world of President Donald Trump. At the beginning of his administration it seemed that Steve Bannon, who wrote his inaugural address, held the reins. But after multiple legislative failures Trump seems to have switched his affection away from Bannon’s anarchist attack on the “deep state”, and to the more practical approach of his son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

The fact that Kushner takes a more low-key, practical approach to government is evident from his Sun sign. (Click on Jared Kushner to see a horoscope done for noon on his birthday.) Kushner is a Capricorn, and Capricorns understand systems. They also have a respect for tradition and established wisdom. Now that Trump’s bid to be a Uranian (that is to say revolutionary) president has fizzled, a little Capricornian know-how is a welcome change.

Kushner has been placed in charge of a commission that is supposed to evaluate every federal agency and make sure they are working on “business” principles. I’ve always wondered about the idea that government should function like a business, since the business of business is to create profit and the business of government is to serve the people, regardless of profit. Still, if you want someone to make judgments with regard to efficiency, choosing a Capricorn is a safe bet.

The second thing that Trump as asked his son-in-law to do is a little trickier. Kushner has become the President’s point man in the Middle East. There are people who have spent their whole lives studying the complex political and religious intermingling of the Middle East, but Trump expects his businessman son-in-law to solve this region’s incredibly complex problems by reading Wikipedia pages on his phone. You would think that a sensible Capricorn would refuse to get involved in such a quagmire, but not Kushner.

In the partial horoscope we have for Kushner his Sun and Mercury is square Pluto. He is a man who understands power. He is also a man invariable drawn to power. Instead of begging off on the multiple assignments he has been given, Kushner has accepted his new role in the Trump White House without complaint. He understands the power that is being handed to him by his father-in-law, and he is not about to turn it down. From the point for view of a person with these aspects to Pluto, the important thing is to get the power. Solving the problems is secondary.

At the present time transiting Pluto is nearing a conjunction to Kushner’s natal Sun. It’s hard to know exactly what this aspect holds for him since we do not have a complete horoscope, but Pluto conjunctions to the Sun are typical difficult. They often represent a period of time when the person is overwhelmed by factors beyond his or her control. It can also be a period of grief and lose. In one case I saw, it coincided with imprisonment.

This aspect to Kushner’s Sun will not complete this year. Pluto turns retrograde later this month just a few minute of the arc inside a one degree orb. The aspect will become exact for the first time in Feb. 2018 and it will remain close throughout that year. So the taste of power that Kushner is presently getting could have negative repercussions in 2018, repercussions that could well test the limits of his practical Capricorn Sun.

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