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That Amazing Neptune in Aquarius Generation

Last year I published an article in The Mountain Astrologer on the refugee crisis in Europe. What struck me about this surge of immigration was that a large portion of the people who were fleeing Africa and the Middle East to come to the West were born between 1998 and 2012, making them part of the generation born with Neptune in Aquarius. In the article I wrote about the revolutionary influence that this displaced generation was going to have on the world.

An article I recently saw in Time Magazine describes another way in which this Neptune in Aquarius generation is making its influence felt. The article (by Katy Steinmetz) describes how a growing number of young people are opting out of traditional male/female gender roles, as well as the typical heterosexual/homosexual categories and taking on sexual identities that are somewhere in between. Though some of the young people cited in the article are older, the majority are members of the Neptune in Aquarius generation.

The idea of sexuality existing on a spectrum, instead of being limited to hard and fast categories is not new. Alfred Kinsey speculated on this back in the 1950s. However, Kinsey theory of a wide “grey” area between the uncompromising heterosexual and the committed homosexual did not find much traction with the generations that followed that period. Human beings like definite boundaries, particularly when the subject is something (like sex) that makes them uncomfortable.

Increasing, it seems that the Neptune in Aquarius generation is ready to step beyond that kind of thinking. It may be that, some 70 years after the sexual revolution that Kinsey helped start, we finally have a generation comfortable enough with sex to admit variances from the norm. Or it could be just the contrariness of Aquarius that drives these young people to set themselves apart from generations that have come before.

When I was working on the book we now call “The Mars/Venus Playbook” (which we make available on the website), I studied the sex lives of a whole lot of people. Even though my research was by no means scientific, I was constantly amazed at the variations in sexual expression that I found. It went far beyond even the 140 different categories we present in the book.

This is not surprising. Even though the combination of Mars and Venus signs do provide a basic description of a person’ sexual nature, it is far from the whole story. Aspects to Mars and Venus by other planets, and their placement in the horoscope have to be considered. Then there’s the signs occupied by Sun and the Moon, both of which have significant influence on sexuality, along with aspects to those two luminaries. The fact is, when you take into account all of these variables, the possibilities of subtly different sexualities become endless.

So, in a way this Neptune in Aquarius generation is just bringing out into the open something that astrologers have known for a long time. Even though most people prefer to live their lives within the confines of one or another sexual and gender category, the road to love is subject to many twists and turns. Some of those twists and turns have to do with sex, some with other things. As necessary and important as that circuitous route might seem as we walk it, what’s really important is that we find the love that waits at the end.

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