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The President’s People: Devin NunezNunezD Image

Technically speaking, Congressman Devin Nunez is not one of the President Trump’s people, since he was elected to his post by the good folks of California. However, that hasn’t stopped Nunez from becoming the latest person in Washington to throw his credibility under the Trump bus.

As head of the House Intelligence Committee, Nunez is supposed to be leading the investigation into connections between people involved in the Trump campaign and Russian hackers. The fact that he was a member of Trump’s transition team had already cast a shadow over his ability to fulfill this role. That shadow became darker this week after Nunez apparently shared information that he considered important new evidence with Trump instead of with members of his committee.

Nunez is a Libra by Sun sign, but his Sun is conjunct Pluto and square Saturn. (Click on Devin Nunez to see chart done of noon on Nunez’s birthday.) This tells us that he is an ambitious person who appreciates power and is willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish his goals. However, these traits do not blend well with his Libra Sun sign. Libra’s tend to be “people-pleasers”, and it’s very hard to pursue power with ruthless persistence while at the same time getting everyone to like you.

Nunez’s Moon is in Sagittarius. It could be conjunct Neptune (depending on his time of birth) but just being in Sagittarius gives the Moon a nature quite contrary to his Libra Sun.  As I say of this Sun/Moon combination in my book, Father Sun, Mother Moon: Astrology’s Dynamic Duo, a Sagittarian Moon inclines a person toward unfiltered honesty, the kind of honesty that often runs afoul of Libra’s “people-pleasing” ways.

I feel a bit sorry of Nunez when I see him before reporters. It’s obvious that, at a deep, emotional level, he needs to be forthright and candid, but the circumstances of working with the Trump administration make this impossible. The result is a very uncomfortable congressman, with a deer –in-the-headlights look on his face.

Another thing I say about the combination of a Libra Sun sign and a Sagittarian Moon sign in my book is that they do not “weather adversity well.” When they feel that they cannot live up to their self-imposed standards of veracity and idealism, these people fold quickly. Nunez is not a tough guy (despite those aspects from Pluto and Saturn to his Sun.) Nor is he a good liar. And this could spell trouble as his relationship with the Trump White House goes forward.

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