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Ivanka Moves InTrumpIvankaImage

A lot of eyebrows were raised a few days ago when it was announced that Ivanka Trump would be taking an office in the White House. Since she is not a government employee and not restricted by the government ethics requirements, questions were raised regarding her access to privileged information, and her ability to use this information to further the aims of her and her family’s business interests. However, i have a different theory.

Since Ivanka Trump was born the daughter of a famous man who loves publicity, I have to believe that her time of birth is available in some new report somewhere, but it has yet to surface. Therefore, we are limited to a chart done for noon on her birthday. (Click on Ivanka Trump to see this partial horoscope.)

As you might expect for a person born into wealth and privilege, Ivanka’s chart is remarkably “easy”. The only “hard” aspect is a possible square between her Moon and Mars. Since she seems to be a dynamic woman, I think we can assume that this aspect is relatively close in her chart. Other than this possible square, the most significant aspect in the chart is the conjunction of Venus and Neptune (both being sextile Jupiter and Pluto). These aspects indicate a creative person with a keen sense of style.

Ivanka is a Scorpio by Sun sign, which might explain some of the suspicions that surround her move to the White House. Scorpios are known for their secret agendas. However, she also has several planets in Libra, and her Moon (regardless of the time of birth) is in Sagittarius. Ms. Trump is more open that most Scorpios and less inclined to secrecy. She is also more inclined to act on her feelings, instead of mulling over them in private.

What I find most interesting about this horoscope are the transiting aspects that are currently impacting it. In particular, I’m looking at the square that transiting Pluto is making to her Mercury. This is an aspect of worry and anxiety, a problem or concern that hangs over you like a dark cloud. Adding to these unsettling emotions, we have the opposition of Uranus to her natal Jupiter and Pluto. There’s not much we can say about this last aspect, since we don’t know what houses are involved, but it certainly indicates pressure being applied to some area of Ms. Trump’s life.

What these transits tell me is that Ivanka Trump’s move to the White House does represent a secret agenda on her part, but not one that involves business. I think that it is something more personal. I think that the concern described in Pluto’s square to her Mercury is worry over the physical condition and/or state of mind of her father.

What inspired this anxiety probably goes beyond anything President Trump has done in public. Scorpios are skilled at reading what lies beneath a person’s “public” face, and the fact is that Ivanka, herself, may not have a clear idea of the source of her concern. However, if my theory is correct, she doesn't trust the people currently around Trump to protect him (a typical emotion for a Scorpio) and has resolved to stay as close to her father as possible.