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Is James Comey the “Anti-Trump”?

On Monday, F.B.I. Director, James Comey provided a couple of sizable headaches for Donald Trump and his troupe when he said he had no evidence to support Trump’s claim that he was wiretapped, and that the F.B.I. was investigating connections between Trump’s campaign staff and the Russian government. Not only did Comey’s remarks inflame Trump’s critics and energized the news media, they seem to have also (at least temporarily) driven the President off Twitter.

We all remember how Comey announced a few days before the election that he had new information about Hillary Clinton’s infamous email account, and then admitted that it was really nothing significant. A lot of Hillary supporters felt (and still feel) that this unprecedented action by the F.B.I. Director was a contributing factor to her defeat. Now those same people have been forced to consider James Comey in an new light. Will he be the person who brings down Donald Trump?

With this in mind I decided to do a comparison between Comey’s partial horoscope (without a time of birth) and Trump’s chart. (Click on Comey/Trump to see the double horoscope.) In this chart Comey’s planets are in the outer wheel and Trump’s horoscope forms the inner wheel.

The first thing that jumps out of this double chart is the fact that Comey’s Sun in Sagittarius is directly opposite Trump’s Sun in Gemini. Astrologically, there couldn’t a better description of two people on opposite side of an issue. Comey’s personal feelings toward Trump are unknown. Legally, he isn’t supposed to have any. But fate has seemingly made him the President’s most dangerous enemy.

Of course, since Trump was born under a Full Moon (and eclipse), just as Comey’s Sun opposes Trump’s Sun, it also forms a conjunction with Trump’s Moon. This aspect is an excellent indicator of compatibility. If Trump and Comey were a couple considering marriage, most astrologers would give that union their whole-hearted blessing. So maybe Comey actually likes Trump, and maybe he will end up furthering the president's cause

I think the deciding factor in this seemingly contradictory chart comparison is the conjunction of Comey’s Uranus with Trump’s Mars. Uranus is the planet of disruption, while Mars is the planet of action. This would indicate that Comey is fated to disrupt Trump’s actions. He did a little bit of that in Monday’s congressional hearing. My guess, looking that this double chart, is that there will be more disruptions to come.

So will James Comey turn out to be the antidote to Donald Trump? Personally, I don’t think so. Comey will do his job. Meanwhile, Donald Trump has, throughout his career, shown a marked propensity for overreach and self-destruction. In reality, the anti-Trump is none other than Donald Trump himself.

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