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Jupiter Square PlutoJupSqPlutoImage

We are about to see a big change in the astrological weather. For the past three months we have been living under an opposition aspect between expansive Jupiter and mischievous Uranus in rambunctious Aries. Though the influence of this aspect can be seen in many ways and many places, the primary demonstration of its power has been the twists and turns that have characterized the first few months of the Trump administration.

That aspect is on the wane now. Jupiter has just begun a long retrograde period (appearing to move backward relative to the earth) while Uranus is motoring farther into Aries. The two planets meet up again in an opposition in October after Jupiter turns direct, but only for a brief time. After that, Jupiter quickly leaves Aries and moves into Taurus.

The opposition between Jupiter and Uranus will actual break the one degree orb today. We might expect the influence of the aspect to linger for another week or so, but by the last week in March, Jupiter will have found another partner. It will be within a degree of a square aspect to ominous Pluto in Capricorn.

The difference between these two aspects couldn’t be more pronounced. Uranus encouraged Jupiter’s impulsive, go-big-or-go-home nature, while Jupiter said yes, yes, yes to the Uranian taste for chaos. Putting these two planets together in an opposition was like the drunken frat-boy meets the wild-eyed revolutionary. They didn’t really like each other, but they still managed to have one wild night.

Pluto, on the other hand, greets Jupiter’s expansive optimism with a derisive chuckle. It belittles Jupiter’s hopes with a perspective broad enough to reveal their shallowness. Jupiter feels lucky. Pluto knows that luck is just the gateway drug for profound disappointment and cynicism. While Jupiter is concerned with showmanship and bombast, Pluto’s focus is on what’s happening behind the scenes and deep in the shadows.

The square between Jupiter and Pluto will only be within a one degree orb for about two weeks, but the contrast between the nature of this aspect and what we’ve just experienced is such that it is going to have an impact disproportionate its length. For the past three months we have been living in exciting times. Every news cycle seemed to bring something to either cheer or groan about, depending on your political affiliation. With this change in the astrological weather, however, that is going to change. It’s what’s going on in the background that will really be important, and what is revealed by digging beneath the surface.

The good news is that we can stop holding our breaths as we unfold our newspapers or click into the news sites. The daily reports are going to get much blander. The bad news is that when there is something important to report, the news will have the stink of something dug out of a deep and carefully dug grave, and it won’t be pretty to look at.


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