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Steve Bannon and "The Camp of Saints"

It’s always good to know where the people running your government get their ideas. Obviously, Donald Trump gets his from alt-right radio and podcasts. That’s scary. But for even a bigger scare, consider where his top advisor, Steve Bannon, gets his ideas: from a 1973 French novel by Jean Raspail titled “The Camp of Saints.

In the “Camp of Saints” Raspail visualizes a time when the Western world, in particular his native France is inundated by waves of immigrants from Asia and Africa. These third world refugees are not coming to Europe and the U.S. to escape war and starvation. They’re coming with the overt intention of putting an end to western civilization and replacing the hegemony of white people with that of black and brown people.

It so happens that Raspail’s horoscope is available through Astrodatabank. (Click on Jean Raspail to see the chart.) It contains several things that explain the apocalyptic tone of “The Camp of Saints”. Raspail’s Sun is conjunct Pluto in his 10th House. Pluto always does things in a big way, and it has a pessimistic nature.  When it is aligned with the Sun the result is often the kind of pessimism that goes past bleak expectations, and onto unmitigated disaster.

Another telling aspect is the square between Raspail Moon in Scorpio and Neptune. His Moon is also sextile Jupiter. These aspects describe someone who is deeply concerned with religion and spirituality, or someone with an addictive personality, (or, in some cases, both). Raspail is a devout Catholic and his faith informs many of his novels. Of course, when we combine Neptune and the Moon we tend to also get a visionary imagination, though the square aspect indicates that Raspail’s imagination might get a little out of hand.

When “The Camp of Saints” was published and then translated into English in 1975 it was widely criticized because of its racist ideas. However, several people within the Republican Party have, over the years, praised the book. Steve Bannon is one of these. In fact, his constant references to “The Camp of Saints” on Breitbart got the book on the bestsellers list in 2011.

A while back I discussed the partial horoscope of Steve Bannon. (Click here to see that article.) I speculated that he was born in the morning with his Moon conjunct Pluto and sextile Neptune. I also said that these were “fearful” aspects. Jean Raspail, with Pluto conjunct the Sun and Neptune square the Moon (in Scorpio, Pluto’s sign), has a similar arrangement in his horoscope. Apparently, we have one fearful man modeling his idea on those of another fearful man.

Pluto plays a big role in my chart, so I understand this kind of fear. Sometimes I look at the state of the world and tremble. However, what pulls me back from this pessimism is the fact that it is ideas, not people that really rule the world. And, as powerful as fearful ideas can be, in the end it is the brave ones that triumph.


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