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The President’s People: Jeff SessionsSessionsJeffImage

It seems that every time I get ready to discontinue this series another member of the Trump troupe gets into trouble. This time it’s his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions. It was revealed a couple of days ago that Sessions had met twice last year with the Russian Ambassador, who is also considered to be a top Russian spy. This would not be a problem, except for the fact that Session had, under oath, told the committee reviewing his appointment as Attorney General that no such meeting took place.

Looking at a chart drawn for noon of Sessions’ birthday (click on Jeff Sessions to see the horoscope) I have to admit that there’s not a lot to talk about. There are no dynamic aspects and the most exciting thing about this partial horoscope is the fact that Sessions is a double Capricorn, with both the Sun and the Moon in that sign.

Capricorns are typically ambitious and Sessions’ rise from a small town lawyer to the top legal position in the country certainly fulfills that promise. However, Capricorn’s are also cautious and methodical. They don’t make silly mistakes, particular at important junctures in their career. This cast a bit of doubt on Sessions’ claim that he simply forgot about his meeting with the Russian diplomat during his hearing with the Senate Judiciary Committee.

One aspect in Sessions chart that does grab my attention is the quincunx between his Jupiter in Scorpio and Uranus in Gemini. The quincunx is not a strong aspect, but this one is extremely close. Even allowing for Jupiter’s movement during that day, the quincunx is between 9 and 19 minutes of the arc away from being exact.

What makes this aspect interesting is that, first of all, it echoes a similar aspect in the horoscope of President Trump, who has Jupiter trine Uranus. During his career in the Senate, Sessions was considered one of that body’s most conservative members. And yet, unlike many other hardcore conservatives, Sessions was an early supporter of Trump, despite the fact that many of Trump’s proposals involve massive spending and the intrusion of government into private enterprise. (Telling American company’s where they can manufacture their products is closer to socialism than conservatism.)

When Jupiter and Uranus are closely connected by aspect in a natal chart there is usually a political outcome. Uranus describes radical ideas, while Jupiter represents the expansion. Trump’s theme of “Make American Great Again” is a perfect expression of this expansive radicalism. With the same combination of planets in his own chart, it’s no wonder that Sessions was an early convert.

Another interesting thing about Jupiter in Sessions chart is its conjunction to Venus. To me, Venus conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio describes loyalty, even loyalty to a fault. Despite the fact that  Capricorn’s are typically pragmatic, my guess is that even if the Trump train were to go off the tracks entirely, Sessions would be the last person to jump off.