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Trump’s Big Speech

President Trump couldn’t have chosen a more auspicious time to make his first major address to Congress and the American people. Uranus is still in an easy sextile with his natal Sun, and last night it was joined by Mars. Meanwhile, Jupiter has turned retrograde and is still trine his Sun and sextile his Moon. These are expansive, benevolent aspects and they helped Trump make a speech that was generally well received.

The only negative aspect to Trump’s chart last night was a square to his natal Saturn by transiting Mars (and Uranus), but it seems that this connection also worked in his favor. Saturn’s influence apparently allowed him to avoid the belligerent (Mars) tone that has characterized so much of what he has said during the past few months. Instead of picking fights, he seemed to be reaching out to democrats with a call for comprehensive immigration reform and a promise that the replacement for Obamacare would maintain all of that plans benefits.

Of course, Trump also promised to spend trillions on infrastructure, a wall along the Mexican border and a sizable military buildup. He managed not to mention what the Republican replacement for Obamacare might cost, but he did promise major tax cuts. It’s hard to see how he is going to get all this through a Republican congress that has spent the past eight years screaming about the federal deficit.

Personally, I think the reason why so many people were reassured by Trump’s speech last night was because he sounded like a conventional politician, promising to give the people everything they want without making any mention of how he intended to pay for it. Ever since his election, people have been waiting for Trump to start acting “presidential”. Well, there you have it. Nothing could be more “presidential” than making promises you can’t keep.

That bit of editorializing aside, I think that Trump will be basking in the afterglow of last night’s speech for another couple of weeks. However by the end of March the aspects from Uranus and Jupiter to his natal Sun and Moon will reach a degree of separation. Without the protection of these beneficial aspects, the flaws in Trump’s character, which have been frequently displayed, are not going to find the forgiveness that he has up to now enjoyed. The result should be interesting.

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