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2017 N.C.G.R. ConferencencgrSYMBOL

Though it's been almost a week since I got back from the N.C.G.R. Conference in Baltimore, I am still processing the information I obtained there. That’s how much I learned about the many different niches in the astrological field, and I was only able to attend one fifth of the lectures that were offered. However, I can say that highlights of the conference, for me, were the lectures offered by Nadi Smirnova-Mieau and David Cochran.

Nadia Smirnova-Mierau is a nuclear physicist from Russia. She made the case for a scientific validation of astrology through a new understanding of gravity, an understanding that goes beyond both Newtonian physics and the ideas of Albert Einstein. In this understanding of gravity, which has considerable standing in the scientific community, proximity and mass are not the only determiners of gravitational influence. Vibration and frequency are also factors.

I wish I could go into more detail about her lecture, but I fear that my grasp of the science involved is not strong enough for me to provide a coherent explanation. Still, I found Nadia’s lecture exciting. I’ve long felt that science (particularly at the quantum and cosmic levels) and astrology were slowly growing toward a point of union, and her ideas seem to indicate that that point of union may not be so far off.

David Cochran has been a leader in astrological research for many years. He is also interested in proving that astrology is more than a “feel good” pseudo-science and that it has real world applications. His lecture was on numbers. Sounds boring, doesn’t it? In fact, it was absolutely fascinating.

Again, I’m not going to try to paraphrase David’s points because I’m sure that I would only butcher them. Essentially, he showed how sequences of 12 and 30, two numbers essential to an astrological understanding of the universe (twelve signs of 30 degrees each) naturally emerge from two of the all-time standards of the mathematical world: prime numbers and Fibonacci numbers.

What makes this important is the fact that scientists use mathematical tools like these to explain things in both the quantum world and the cosmic realm that they can’t see. They assume that the universe functions in a way that makes mathematical sense. David’s lecture showed that assuming this means that the universe should make astrological sense as well.

I enjoyed all of the other lectures I attended at the conference and I wish I could give you a synopsis of all of them. I also met a lot of wonderful astrologers and got to say hi to a few old friends. My advice to anyone interested in astrology is to attend these conferences whenever you can. Make the time and spend the money. The experience is more than worth it.

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