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The President’s People: Reince PriebusPribusRImage

Some people say that the main reason the Trump hired Reince Priebus to be his Chief of Staff is so that Steve Bannon would have someone to beat up when he woke up cranky after his afternoon nap. Recently, however, Trump has found another use for Priebus. His Chief of Staff has become the latest Trump surrogate to be thrown into the President’s ongoing cage match with the press.

The question that Priebus had to answer was whether or not the press was (as President Trump recently tweeted) “the enemy of the American people.” Priebus answer was, to paraphrase, “of course they are.” After all they report allegations that come from unnamed sources. Since he was born in 1972, Priebus might be forgiven for not remembering that this same sort of reporting established the wrong doing of Richard Nixon.

Priebus was born on March 12, 1972 (click on Reince Priebus to see a chart done for noon on his birthday.) He a Pisces by Sun sign, so we might expect him to be a bit vague about the truth. But he has the Moon in Taurus, and that means that he knows better. People with the Moon in Taurus are principled at a deep, emotional level. A strong and consistent sense of right and wrong is necessary to their emotional health.

With this in mind, I had to wonder how Priebus ended up working for Trump. Then I saw that his Pisces Sun is opposed to Pluto. One of the things we associate with Pluto is power, and the opposition aspect tells us that Priebus is at once fascinated by power, and feeling excluded and threatened by power.

The clincher, however, is the very close trine that Saturn makes to Priebus’ Pluto. (Saturn also sextiles his Sun.)  This indicates that he not only appreciates and admires power, he sees it as a necessary thing. Trump’s lean toward totalitarianism actually trills Priebus, but because of the opposition between Pluto and his Sun, he still feels that he doesn’t quite belong with the powerful and “cool” kids.

Interestingly, in November, 2016 transiting Pluto was square to Priebus’ natal Mercury. With this aspect Priebus might have expect that when he was appointed Chief of Staff, and manager of the President’s daily schedule (a very Mercury + Pluto position) he was finally being admitted to the inner circle. But the aspect was a square, and instead of impressing the “cool” kids, Priebus’ position has just made it more obvious that he is the odd man out. Rumors are already flying that Trump is looking for a replacement.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Priebus will likely surprise his critics and hold on to his job. Pisces people are adaptable, and I don’t see any major “change” aspects coming up in this (admittedly partial) horoscope until December with Saturn squares his Sun. Still, my guess is that he is not a happy man. You can ignore the needs of your Moon for a while, but you pay for it in terms of peace of mind and sleepless nights.

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