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The President’s People: Stephen Miller

After Kellyanne Conway blew her credibility by citing a massacre that never happened, and then broke the law by shilling for Ivanka Trump’s clothing line on national TV, Donald Trump had to find a new surrogate to go on television news and talk shows. He found what he needed in Stephen Miller.

We do not have a time of birth for Miller, (click on Stephen Miller to see a horoscope done for noon on his birthday) but there several features of the chart that still jump out. Miller was born with his Sun in the first degree of Virgo and his Moon in Sagittarius. It is easy for Virgos to hide their ego behind a cause or a stronger ego, and the Moon in Sagittarius is always outspoken about what they believe. If Trump was looking for a true believer, he couldn’t have found a better Sun/Moon combination.

Miller’s allegiance to Trump is deep. He proclaims Trump’s claims of wide spread voter fraud with unabashed certainty, and he seems to have absolute trust that proof of these claims exists, regardless of the fact that such proofs have never been produced. The fervor with which Miller has defended his boss’s policies is at times reminiscent of Goebbels’ defense of Adolf Hitler.

Miller’s emphatic way of speaking comes as no surprise. He has Mercury in Leo in an almost exact trine with Uranus. He’s a guy who not only expresses himself in absolutes (and with a touch of Leo arrogance) but who is also drawn to radical ideas. Miller is using his speech to advance what he sees as the Donald Trump revolution.

In this partial horoscope, there is another nearly exact aspect that begs our attention. Miller’s Virgo Sun is in a very close trine to Neptune. Typically, Virgos have an unerring knack from separating fact from illusion. However, this aspect paints a very different picture.

 If Miller were involved in the creative arts I would say that this trine would give him an extraordinary imagination, but Miller has devoted his life to politics, and in politics too much imagination can be problematic. With Neptune trine the Sun, Miller has the capacity to believe whatever he needs to believe at that moment. If he needs to believe that Donald Trump has proof that thousands of illegal voters were bussed into Vermont to vote against him, then Miller will believe that, at least at the moment that the question is asked.

The problem is that Miller is still a Sun sign Virgo, and it hard for a Virgo to accept any nonfactual statement, even if he or she said it. I think that is the reason that Miller sounds so strident when he defending Donald Trump’s lies. He’s not only arguing with the press, he’s arguing with his essential Virgo nature.


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