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The Lingering Anger of Uranus Square PlutoUranusSqPluto

On this Valentine's Day, a day that's supposed to be all about love, the pervasive mood seems to be anger. In the U.S. we have a lot of people enraged by the election of Donald Trump, a candidate who owes his rise to power to the anger of the supposedly forgotten, white, working class. In Europe we see a tidal wave of anger as Europeans reacte to the influx of refugees, most of whom are trying to escape angry men who are dropping bombs and firing automatic weapons. Around the world, anger seems to be the most common emotion. This is a year when the Valentine's Day card you send your loved one might say "I'm a lot less mad at you that I am at most people."

Astrologically, the question of why everyone is so angry is has an easy answer. The square aspect between Uranus and Pluto, though waning, is still in force. Between 2011 and 2015 I wrote about this aspect numerous times. I described it as a bad marriage in which the worst of the two parties involved (namely Uranus and Pluto) was exposed, and that certainly was the case.

The Uranus to Pluto square gave us the Syrian civil war and the rise of ISIS. It planted the seeds of the refuge crisis that is now challenging the generousity of Europe and, to a much lesser degree, of the United States. The aspect gave us plenty of Uranian radicalism and arrogance, and a good dose of Pluto fear and lust for power. Along the way, this extremely destructive aspect created a culture of anger that has spread around the world.

When the last exact square between these two planets occurred in March, 2015, I had hoped that, with the aspect on the wane, I wouldn’t have to write about it again. That proved to be a false hope. I did another article on the aspect in Jan. 2016 when it came back within a two degree range of separation. What I see now is that it the importance of this aspect is not described in the events that came about when it was particularly close, but in mood of fear, hatred and anger that it has generated.

Both Uranus and Pluto are planets of extremes and under their prolonged influence the world seems to have lost its taste for moderation. Complex diplomatic arrangements no longer work. We have to have bans, walls, exits and violence. And if we don’t get our way, we get mad. For some people in some places that anger translates into joining a terrorist group. In others it has brought to power dictatorial strong men who promise to teach at least some of the people we’re mad at a painful lesson.

The good news is that by late April Uranus will have moved beyond the five degree orb that most astrologers allow for this kind of aspect. Despite all appearance to the contrary, moderation will come back into style. The bad news is that the anger that Uranus square Pluto has spent the past six years generating is not likely to dissipate that quickly, and fixing the damage we’ve done during this long tantrum of rage is not going to be easy.