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More Twins

Recently it was announced that JayZ and Beyonce’ were expecting twins. Now we’re told that Amal Clooney, the wife of George Clooney is also pregnant with twins. We don’t have a complete horoscope for Amal Clooney, but we do for George. I thought it might be interesting to see what is going on. (Click on George Clooney to see his chart.)

The first thing I look for when the subject is a major change in a person’s life is the position of transiting Saturn. In Clooney’s case, Saturn crossed his Midheaven last December, not long after he and his wife learned of the pregnancy. This is an important point in one of the Saturn Cycles. When Saturn crosses any of the four angles of the horoscope (Ascendant, Midheaven, I.C. or Descendant) it almost always signals a significant turning point. Obviously, this is the case with Clooney.

Another interesting transit in Clooney’s horoscope is the trine that transiting Uranus is making to Clooney’s natal Uranus. Uranus aspects always bring changes, and often those changes are quite disruptive. However, since the aspect here is a trine I think we can expect a gentler Uranian passage for Clooney. This indicates that he is ready for the changes that are coming up.

The only worrisome aspect in this chart is the movement of transiting Neptune toward Clooney’s Ascendant. This tells us that Clooney is going to have more trouble adjusting to his new role as a father than he might expect. The Ascendant represents the face we show the world, the way we want to be seen. Neptune brings vagueness and uncertainty. It can also indicate deception and scandal, so Clooney had better be on his best behavior.

Of course, Neptune crossing the Ascendant can also be a period in which we recognized what is false in our lives and make necessary adjustments. Often there is a spiritual quality to this process, as we see the ineffectiveness of our worldly priorities and turn our focus inward.

Overall, I would predict that Clooney will do well with the big change in his life. He is a Taurus by Sun sign, and Taurus people have a deep appreciation of domesticity. It is their natural element. Also, the fact that his Ascendant is in Pisces, Neptune’s sign, should help his negotiate the fogginess of this Neptune passage with finesse, and maybe a touch of Pisces intuition.