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People born under the Sun sign, Cancer, are often quiet folks. Their main concerns are typically personal: their family, their children and the people to whom they feel emotionally connected. However, one thing that is always said of Cancer people is that once they get hold on something that matters to them on an emotionally level, they don’t let go. And no amount of force or intimidation is likely to loosen their grip.

We don’t have a time of birth for Elizabeth Warren, but we know that she was born with her Sun in the first degree of Cancer. (Click on Elizabeth Warren to see a chart done for noon on her birthday.) Yesterday she was “silenced” in the U.S. Senate because she read a letter from the wife of Martin Luther King Jr. that (according to Mitch McConnell) impugned the reputation of Jeff Sessions, the Trump administration’s nominee for Attorney General.

According to McConnell, Warren was warned but persisted in breaking an obscure Senate rule that prohibits one Senator from making personal attacks on another. It’s hard to see how reading a letter from a third party could be construed as a personal attack, and painfully easy to see how the broad application of such a rule would stifle any debate on Sessions’ nomination, but Warren was prohibited from making any more statements on this matter.

This “silencing” has made Warren a rock star among the non-supporters of Donald Trump. Social media, our new measure of public opinion, has exploded with people cheering her on and damning the (male) Senate establishment for telling an intelligent and forceful woman to shut up. Given the mood of feminist in the country right now, Mitch McConnell may have just set off a firestorm.

This turn of events has some people thinking that Warren might be setting herself up for a run at the White House in 2020. What I can see in the partial horoscope that I have does not support this. (Of course, it is only a partial horoscope.) However, I can say that she was wise not to run in 2016 (as many thought she might.) Transiting Neptune was moving back and forth in a square to her natal Mars during that period and this would have made it difficult for her to articulate her goals in a clear and compelling fashion.

I really can’t give an opinion on Warren’s future in politics with only a partial horoscope. However, there is one thing I can say with confidence. Warren was born with her Sun in a close conjunction with Uranus. This means that she is a disrupter, and her performance in the Senate yesterday certainly confirms this.

Normally, disrupters don’t do well in national elections, but given the success of Donald Trump, a disrupter from the right (who also has his Sun conjunct Uranus), the time might be ripe for a disrupter from the left. We’ll just have to wait and see.


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