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The President’s People: Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon has emerged has the most influential of President’s Trump’s advisors. He apparently wrote his inaugural speech, was appointed by Trump to serve on his National Security Council and his fingerprints are all over Trump’s controversial immigration ban. Bannon seems to have become the real power behind the throne.

Previously we looked at the charts of Sean Spicer and Kellyanne Conway. In both those horoscopes, for which I had no time of birth, we were hampered by the fact that the Sun changed signs during that 24 hour period. However, in both case the Sun made strong aspects that would be in effect regardless of its sign.

Bannon’s birthday chart (click on Steve Bannon to see the horoscope charted for noon on his birthday) presents us with a very different problem. We know Bannon is a Sagittarius by Sun sign (which would help explain his remarkably varied career: from naval officer, to investment banker, to head of a far-right website.) However, his Sun makes no strong aspects. All the action in Bannon’s chart involves the Moon.

Of course the Moon moves faster than the Sun, about 12 degrees every day. That makes it impossible to know even what sign it will be in this horoscope. The chart done for noon places the Moon in Leo, but if Bannon was born after about 4 PM, the Moon could be in Virgo.

For that reason I’m going to have to do something I don’t often do. I’m going to have to make an assumption about Bannon’s time of birth. I think that it is evident from what we know about Bannon that he was born before noon, with his Moon conjunct Pluto and sextile Neptune and Jupiter.

I say this because I see Bannon as a defensive personality and this is often what happens when the Moon is conjunct Pluto. The Moon describes our feelings of vulnerability, both in an emotional and physical sense, and when it aligns with Pluto we see threats to that vulnerability coming from all directions.

The sextiles to Jupiter and Neptune help, but they also direct a lot of that fear toward illusionary goals. At its best, the combination of Jupiter and Neptune describes transcendent compassion. At its worse, however, it can lead to a vague and somewhat opportunistic concept of truth. Bannon’s position in the government has allowed him to transform the “fake news” he used to put out on the Briebart Report into the “alternative facts” that his boss so often cites.

Another thing that the sextiles to Jupiter and Neptune allow Bannon to do is hide the fear that comes for the conjunction of his Moon to Pluto, behind both “alternative facts” and the bluster of Donald Trump. However, fear is still the driving motivation of this horoscope, and when you have a fearful man advising an ego-centric man, the results tend make us all a bit fearful.

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