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Beyonce’ and her Twinsbeyonce Imag

There is some controversy about the horoscope of Beyonce’ Knowles. We have a birth time that appeared on the International Movie Data Base but we don’t know the original source. Another birth time was supposedly printed in a biography, but further investigation indicates that it may have not. (Click here to see the complete explanation on Astro Databank.

I’m using the 10AM birth time (click here to see the chart) because it seems the most credible and there is a very interesting configuration with this chart involving Jupiter. That time places Beyonce’s Ascendant at 20 degrees of Libra and Jupiter just passed that degree in late December and is still close to the angle. As everyone in the world probably knows by now, Beyonce’ announced yesterday that she is pregnant with twins.

Jupiter is the planet of bounty, and learning you are carrying twins is certainly bounteous news. Interestingly, Jupiter goes retrograde later his year (apparently moving backward relative to the earth) and it be will back on Beyonce’s Ascendant in March and again in August. If my math is right, by August she will be in the last month of her pregnancy, and probably feeling all too bounteous.

Another interesting thing going on with the 10AM chart is the fact that Uranus has just moved past her Descendant. When Uranus crosses an important angle of the horoscope, (like the Descendant) it signals big changes. Obviously being pregnant with twins is a big change.

Beyonce’ is on record as saying that she believed that a woman can “have it all”, meaning a family life and a career. This Uranus aspect indicates that with this pregnancy her opinion about this might be subject to change. Uranus has a way of introducing wild cards just when we thought we had the game figured out. For Beyonce’ having twins, along with an older child, could turn out to be that kind of wild card.