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The President’s People: Kellyanne Conway

I thought it might be interesting to look at the horoscopes of some of the people who hold significant positions in the new Trump administration. Last time I looked at a chart for Sean Spicer, Trump’s Director of Communication. Today I want to consider Kellyanne Conway, the woman who managed his successful campaign and is presently serving as a top adviser to the President.

Since we do not have a time of birth on Conway I’m using a horoscope charted for noon on her birthday, and this immediately presents us with a problem. (Click on Kellyanne Conway to see this chart.) Like Spicer, Conway was born on a day when the Sun changed signs. Without a time we can’t say if she is a Capricorn by Sun sign or an Aquarius.

Nonetheless, there are a few definite things about this horoscope. Regardless what sign it occupies, Conway’s Sun is conjunct Mercury and opposite Jupiter. This tells us that Conway possesses an expansive, adventurous personality. Since neither Capricorn nor Aquarius is a risk-taking signs, this adventurous spirit is going to mostly be expressed intellectually. She is drawn to bold, extreme ideas, and no matter what you think about Donald Trump’s ideas, you have to admit that they are bold and extreme.

Another thing we can definitely say about this chart is the fact the Conway’s Moon is in Taurus. She is essentially a materialist with a thoroughly grounded personality. No matter how far afield her adventurous mind might take her, she never loses her footing in reality. One reason Conway succeed as Trump’s campaign manager was because she did a better job than her predecessor at keep her boss “on message”, particularly during the crucial final few weeks of the campaign.

Another interesting feature of this horoscope is the fact that Conway’s Mars is trine Donald Trump’s Sun and sextile his Moon. This indicates a strong connection between the two of them. Conway can get away with being blunt and aggressive with this famously thin-skinned President. Also, the favorable transits of Uranus and Jupiter that are currently working their expansive magic on Trump’s chart are also influencing Conway’s Mars.

Right now transiting Saturn is moving into a square aspect with Conway’s natal Saturn, a significant point in one of her Saturn cycles. This is an important time in her life and decisions she makes now will have significant impact on the course her life will take. This aspect will return in June and November of this year, so this is going to be a make-or-break year for her. Since she has already decided to link herself to Donald Trump, her fate (and Saturn is said to rule fate) is now tied to his.