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Mike Pence and the Sibley U.S. Chart

In my last two articles I have compared the horoscopes of Barack Obama and Donald Trump to the Sibley horoscope for the U.S.A. For astrological reasons that I will save for a later time, I think it very likely that sometime during the next four years we are going to find ourselves enunciating the alliterative phrase, President Pence. So, I’ve decided to do a similar comparison using a horoscope charted for noon on Pence’s birth date. (Click here to see the double chart.)

The most striking connection between these two horoscopes is the conjunction between Pence’s Mercury the Sibley Mars. This is similar to the conjunction we saw between Trump’s Sun and the Sibley Mars, although it is not nearly as strong. Pence can certainly talk about the anger felt by a sector of the U.S. population, and he has an intellectual grasp of its causes, but he will never be a conduit for it in the way that Trump has become.

Of course, while Trump has become a representative of the anger of one sector of the public, he has become the target for the anger of another sector. The conjunction of the Sibley Mars with Pence’s Mercury indicates that this trend would continue with him. With this kind of a connection, a President Pence would have knack for saying things that rub a significant portion of the population the wrong way but, unlike Trump he would be able to get away with it.

The other significant aspect is the opposition between Pence’s Saturn and the U.S. Jupiter and Venus.I think that this aspect has a lot to do with Pence's Evangelical Christian beliefs. Saturn's job is to assert rules, restrictions and morality. This aspect indicates that the American public would find his approach to these issues heavy-handed and behind the times. The opposition to Venus, in particular, indicates unpopularity.


I discussed Pence’s horoscope in more detail in an earlier article. (Click on Mike Pence to see that article.) Of course, we do not have a time of birth for Pence and that severely limits what we can do with astrology. The same goes for this comparison between his chart and the U.S. Sibley chart. It would be particularly interesting to see where Pence’s Moon really is. If it is in Cancer, it could be in a conjunction with the Sibley Venus and Jupiter, it would greatly increase his chances of being popular a popular (Vice) President.

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