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Donald Trump and the Sibley U.S. ChartSibleyImage

In my last article I discussed the connections between the Sibley horoscope for the United States and that of Barack Obama. Now it’s time to look at the connections between the Sibley chart and the horoscope of our new president, Donald Trump. (Click here to see a double chart with the U.S. horoscope on the inside and Trump’s on the outside.)

There are several strong connections between Trump’s horoscope and the Sibley chart. The most dramatic is the conjunction of Trump’s Sun with the Sibley Mars, and the opposition of Trump’s Moon to the same Sibley planet. This is a connection that has a lot of astrologers expecting Trump to be a war time president. There is precedence for this reading. George H.W. Bush also had his natal Sun conjunct the Sibley Mars and he led the U.S. into the first Iraq war.

Though I don’t necessarily disagree with this opinion, I think that is a more obvious way of reading this connection. From the very beginning of his campaign commentators have made much of the way in which Donald Trump has tapped into the anger of the American public. In a horoscope, Mars is the place where you find a person’s (or nation’s) anger. These powerful connections between the Sibley Mars and Trump’s Sun and Moon explain how Trump has become the conduit for the rage felt by a large section of our population.

There is another double connection between Trump’s horoscope and the Sibley U.S. horoscope that I think is even more telling. Trump’s Ascendant and his Mars (which are close together in his natal horoscope) both oppose the U.S. Moon. In mundane astrology (the astrology of world events) the Moon typically represents the people, particularly on an emotional, psychological level, while the Ascendant in a natal chart represents that person’s outer identity.

One of the mysteries of Trump’s triumph has been the way in which poor whites – out of work factory workers and deer-hunting rednecks – identify with this scion of wealth who sits in a golden chair and lives in a Manhattan penthouse. The connection between Trump’s Ascendant and the Sibley Moon explains this anomaly. It tells us that the American public (or at least a large section of it) feels a natural affinity for Trump. They see him and one of them, regardless of his background.

At the same time, however, Trump’s Mars is also opposite the Sibley Moon, and this gives a totally different picture. This aspect tells us that there is another section of the U.S. population that sees Trump’s aggressiveness and brashness as a threat. This is obviously the case for many groups in our society, such as immigrants, Muslims and African-Americans.

I think these two aspects to the Sibley Moon will define the Trump administration. Succeed or fail, there is going be one section of the population who will continue to see him as “their guy”, and another that sees Trump as an existential threat. There is never going to be a middle ground. With this in mind, promises that Trump will somehow unite our divided nation would seem to be faint in deed.

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