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176px official portrait of barack obama
Barack Obama and the U.S. Sibley Chart

During the last few day of the Obama administration his approval rating has soared to 57%. This is actually somewhat lower than his highest approval rating of 67%. This was Obama’s rating just a few days after his inauguration. It’s interesting that the peaks of Obama’s popularity occurred at the beginning and the end of his administration. In between it was another matter.

A comparison between Barack Obama’s horoscope and the Sibley chart for the signing of the Declaration of Independence (click here to see a double chart) explains this. In that chart, Obama’s Venus is just a degree and a half away from the U.S. Venus. This is an aspect of mutual affection. Obama loves his country and, at least for a time, his country loved him.

As the first African-American president, Obama began his administration having already made history. The nation was as much besotted with itself and it was with Obama during these early days because his election seemed to signal the end of a shameful era of racial discrimination. Even people who hadn’t voted for Obama appreciated this fact and were busy patting themselves on the back.

The problem was that Obama’s election did not end racial discrimination in this country. The events in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014 and in so many other places where black men were killed by police officers made the very clear. The euphoria of Obama’s inauguration proved to be extremely premature.

The other important connection between Obama’s chart and the Sibley U.S. chart is the conjunction of Obama’s Mars with the Sibley Neptune. Obama’s Mars is also square the U.S. Mars. These are aspects of confusion, delusion and animosity. America wanted to see Obama as the symbol of a new and better nation. Instead, he became an awful reminder of the ghosts of our past.

Of course, long before Ferguson, the so-called “alt-right” and Fox News were pouring out falsehoods about Obama, questioning his birth certificate, claiming he was a Muslim, that he was a socialist, that he was anti-American and intent on imposing Sharia law in the U.S. None of these accusations had any basis in fact, but they created a Neptunian fog of suspicion and mistrust around the President.

Barack Obama has spent most of his administration trying to fight through this Neptunian fog, trying to reestablish the Venus-to-Venus bond with the populous that he enjoyed during the early days of his term. Now, near the end, Obama seems to have accomplished this, largely because a lot of people who might have doubted him find themselves faced with a new president who promises to make the Obama administration seem like a golden age.

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