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The Manchurian President (Part Two)trumpimage

When I gave this title to a previous article, I thought I was being funny, but recent events have given this bit of whimsy a more serious tone. The documents that came out this week claiming that Russia had information on Donald Trump that they could use to blackmail him made the pulp fiction notion of a U.S. President at the mercy of a foreign power seem all too plausible.

Of course, the dossier in question has been largely discredited, even though it came from a British source that was considered reliable enough to get the attention of John McCain. McCain wanted to start Senate hearing on the dossier, but settled for passing it on to intelligence officials instead. Both Obama and Trump were briefed on the information. Trump and Putin were both quick to call the accusations ludicrous.

Several weeks ago I wrote that, considering the transits and secondary progression that are currently influence Trump’s horoscope, he would be “golden” from December 2016 until March of this year. Since then he has survived rumors that delegates to the Electoral College were going to change their votes, his denial of the fact that it was the Russians who hacked the DNC computers, calling Meryl Streep “overrated” and, now, this. I think my point has pretty much been proven.

The latest scandal might, in fact, work to Trump’s advantage. The details of the dossier (which were released by Buzz Feed) are so salacious and surreal that they have functioned to lower the credibility of every news agency that touched them. Trump, who has always painted himself as the victim of the “liberal” media, now has all the proof he needs. Put down your newspapers America and start reading his tweets!

The aspect behind all these attacks is the opposition to Trump’s Sun by transiting Saturn. Saturn was also conjunct Trump’s natal Moon. By the time he is inaugurated next week, that aspect will be waning, so Trump should be able to relax for a while. However, Saturn will be coming back to oppose his Sun and conjunct his Moon in August and September of this year, and then he won’t have all those positive aspects protecting them. That’s when we very likely see the gold turn to lead.