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Meryl Speaks Out

Sunday night, as she was receiving a special award at the Golden Globe ceremony, Meryl Streep made remarks critical of our President-Elect. She recalled how Trump had mimicked a disabled reporter during a campaign speech. Trump’s action and remarks were televised and broadcast to the world, but he adamantly denies that it happened. Now Meryl Streep has become Public Enemy #1.

How do you go from being one of the most beloved and award-winning actresses of our time to becoming an object of scorn and rebuke? Astrologically, all it takes is the proper alignment of a couple of planets. In Streep’s horoscope (click here to see a double chart for Streep and the aspect during her speech) transiting Pluto is nearing an opposition to her natal Venus. At the time of her speech, the Sun was conjunct Pluto and almost exactly opposed to her natal Venus.

Streep’s Venus is in Cancer in her Twelfth House, showing us that she has deep sympathy for people less fortunate than herself. This quality is reinforced by her Cancer Sun sign. That may sound like a good thing, but when Pluto moves into a hard aspect with a planet it has a way pushing the attributes of that planet to extremes. Pluto loves crossing the lines of good manners and decorum, particularly when these breaches function to reveal hypocrisy and falsehood.

With both Pluto and the Sun hitting her Twelfth House Venus, Streep felt the need to speak out about what she saw as an endorsement of bullying by a man about the become the leader of the free world. It was not expected, nor was it polite. But, as I said, being impolite is sort of Pluto’s modus operandi.

There are other things going on in Streep’s chart right now. Uranus is about three degrees away from her Midheaven, while Jupiter is around the same distance from her I.C. The two planets are currently just separating from an opposition aspect. These aspects convey great good fortune and self-confidence, so it’s no wonder that Streep was getting a special award at that time, or that she felt sure enough of herself to step out her role as an actress and make a political statement.

Streep’s remarks obviously pose no real threat to Donald Trump. A more astute politician wouldn’t even have bothered to answer them. However, Meryl Streep has gone on record as a private citizen who used a public forum to criticize the actions of the man who will soon be President of the United States. I think that in the weeks to come we will see more of this, from people, famous and not-so-famous, who see Donald Trump as a threat either to their well-being or their values.

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