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The Manchurian Presidenttrumpimage

Yesterday Donald Trump was finally forced to admit that the hack on the computer files of the Democratic National Committee was not only carried out by operatives working for the Russian government, but was very likely ordered by Vladimir Putin himself. Considering the scorn that he has heaped on the C.I.A. and their claims of Russian involvement over the past few months, this was a huge change in direction.

The aspect responsible for this change was the opposition of transiting Saturn to his Sun. Saturn dishes up reality, and when it is in conflict with the Sun, that reality often represents a direct challenge to the ego. Trump was quick to say that this interference by the Russians did not have an effect on the outcome of the election. Implicit in that claim is an awareness that the majority of American who voted against him might have a different view.

Hard aspects from Saturn to the Sun often coincide with blows to our self-confidence and physical vitality. Realities that we have previously ignored rise up to block our progress. As a candidate Trump as able to blithely deny realities and move forward as if they didn’t exist. Now, as President, he is finding that this approach no longer applies.

It would be interesting to do a comparison of Trump’s horoscope with that of Vladimir Putin, but I don’t trust the birth date or time that has been given out by the Kremlin for Putin. (Click here to see the astrodatabank listing for Putin.) That leaves us with only conjectures about what the relationship between the two men might be, and why Putin was so intent on putting Trump in the White House.

I imagine that many people will be asking questions like these during the next few weeks, but I don’t think this controversy will represent a major impediment for Trump’s administration. As I wrote in an earlier article, he currently protected by several positive transits and secondary progressions. I think that these will carry him through his first hundred days in grand style. However, Saturn will be moving back into an opposition to Trump’s Sun (and a conjunction with his Moon) this summer, bringing with it another big dose of undeniable reality.

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