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Can Mike Pence Save Donald Trump?

A recent article in Time magazine proposes that Vice-President Elect Mike Pence could be the antidote to Trumpitis; that Pence’s prior service in Congress and his knowledge of the workings of government could make up for the glaring deficiencies Donald Trump has in these areas. This inspired me to take another look at Pence’s chart.

We don’t have a time of birth for Mike Pence, so we have to make do with a chart done for noon on his birthday. (Click on Mike Pence to see the horoscope.) One thing that strikes me right away is the fact that Pence is, like Trump, a Gemini by Sun sign, and that his Mercury aligns perfectly with Trump’s natal Sun. Pence has had no trouble playing the role of Trump’s “mouthpiece” (Mercury rules communication) even though they disagree on many things with regard to policy.

I also find it interesting that Pence has Mars conjunct Venus in Leo. In the “Mars/Venus Playbook” I describe this combination of Mars and Venus in Leo as controlling (“the divinely anointed autocrat of sex”.) I don’t know anything about Pence’s sex life, but he has made it his mission to control the sex lives of women living in Indiana, by signing one of the most restrictive anti-abortion bills in the country.

In Pence’s chart Mars and Venus are squared by Neptune. This aspect, particularly the square to Mars, would be a dominant feature regardless of his time of birth. Among other things, Mars square Neptune describes a person whose actions are often bogged down by peripheral matters. As governor of Indiana, Pence advocated a law that would have allowed businesses to refuse service to people if that service violated the religious beliefs of the provider. The law obvious targeted the LBGT community and Pence was forced by public outcry (and possible constitutional challenges) to amend it.

Because his Mercury is near the same degree of Gemini as Trump’s Sun, Pence is benefiting from the same “good” aspects that are currently helping his boss. (Click here to see the article on Trump’s lucky streak.) Unfortunately for him, this placement will also cause him to experience the rough patch I see coming up for Trump in August and September of this year. The aspects in his secondary progressed chart (such as an upcoming conjunction of his progressed Sun with his natal Uranus) are basically positive, but also indicate a lot of instability and uncertainty.

The fact that Trump will listen to Pence is indicated by the conjunction of Mercury to his Sun, but Pence’s Mercury is also opposite Trump’s Moon, so the President may not like (or go along with) everything he hears. Pence’s Jupiter is conjunct Trump’s I.C. and his Pluto in on Trump’s Ascendant, so there is a strong (and possibly fated) link between the horoscopes of the two men. Pence’s support for Trump is genuine and their futures are definitely intertwined.

However, looking at this partial horoscope for Pence, I have to wonder how much help he can be. The square between his Mars and Neptune is going to interfere with his focus and make it difficult for the Vice President to use the problem-solving skills for which Gemini is famous. Much depends on how this aspect is placed in his complete chart, and the position of his Moon (which I suspect is in Cancer, opposed to his Saturn). Hopefully, at some point we will learn Pence’s time of birth. This will help us understand to what degree Pence can really save Donald Trump.

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