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Carrie Fisher’s “Bumpy” HoroscopeFisherCarrieImage

For a child born into fame and affluence, (the daughter of an iconic Hollywood star and a famous singer) Carrie Fisher’s life has by no means been a smooth ride. Famous for her role as Princess Leia in Star Wars, she has also been a successful author, screenwriter and playwright, but at the same time she has struggled with drug addiction, alcoholism and mental illness.

Fisher’s horoscope (click on Carrie Fisher to see the chart) shows a classic aspect for addictive personalities. Her Sun in Libra is conjunct her Neptune, a planet strongly associated with escapism. Neptune is particularly prominent in the chart because it is in the Ninth House and is an almost exact sextile with Pluto. I always pay close attention to the closest aspects in a person’s chart and this sextile is separated by only four minutes of the arc.

The fact that this aspect is an easy sextile has allowed Fisher to use her addictions and manic-depressive diagnosis to dig deeper inside herself. Her biggest successes as a writer have come from her confessional books, the most famous of which was “Postcards from the Edge”, a best-selling “semi” autobiography that was later made into a movie (for which Fisher wrote the screenplay.) All of this success sounds great, but we have to remember that it came out of some out of a very dark place.

Fisher’s Pluto also forms a close square to her Saturn in the Tenth House. The Tenth House is the sector of career, and having Saturn placed there often describes ambition and a serious focus on that part of life. Fisher’s acting career started when she was very young and moved through several small roles until her triumph in Star War. That’s typical of a Saturn in the Tenth career. But the square to Pluto indicates that success will be accompanied with a burden. The burden for Fisher was way in which the notoriety she earned as Princess Leia intruded itself into her private life.

In 2014 it seemed that Fisher was ready to come to terms with this burden. She returned as Princess (now General) Leia in the most recent episode of the movie franchise. This brought her renewed attention, which was compounded a few weels ago when she revealed that she and he co-star, Harrison Ford, had an affair back when they were making the first films. But, true to form, another “bump” has appeared in Fisher’s life. Yesterday she suffered a serious heart attack.

What’s going on in Fisher’s horoscope right now is the movement of her secondary progressed Venus into a conjunction with her natal Saturn. This aspect, of course, also activates her Neptune and Pluto, along with the North Node of the Moon, which is conjunct Saturn in her natal chart. Meanwhile, transiting Mars is currently moving away from a square to her natal Saturn. All of this puts a lot of pressure on a particularly troublesome configuration.

Carrie Fisher is currently intensive care where her condition is reported as stable. Looking at the other aspects in her chart, it is my belief (and hope) that she will soon recover. However, once again, the weighty combination of Saturn, Neptune and Pluto has taken her down to a dark place, from which she will hopefully return with more stories to tell.

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