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The Christmas Triangle

For the past few days the sky has been dominated by an interesting configuration of Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter. These three planets have all moved to around 20 degrees of their respective signs: Aries, Sagittarius and Libra, creating an astrological triangle, with Uranus opposed to Jupiter and Saturn trine Uranus and sextile Jupiter.

I’ve written about how this configuration is currently impacting the horoscope of Donald Trump. (Click here to see the article.) This combination of aspects is also going to affect anyone with significant placements between 19 and 21 degrees of any sign in their chart. But, I also feel that it is going to have a more generalized influence on the population at large.

Saturn trine Uranus indicates a beneficial exchange of energies between our revolutionary hopes and practical realities. Saturn sextile Jupiter describes peace within the political realm. The opposition of Uranus to Jupiter is more problematic. It provides a situation in which generally accepted beliefs and ideals are being disrupted by an overwhelming desire for change.

For conservatives, both in the U.S. and in many places around the globe, the meaning of Saturn trine Uranus is obvious. They’ve won their revolution and now look forward the practical benefits of that victory. Meanwhile, liberals are finding new ways to bolster their cause. Organizations like Planned Parenthood are reporting record donations.

As far as the sextile between Saturn and Jupiter is concerned, I think, at least here in the U.S., we are rather tired of all the political haggling. If fatigue equals peace, then that aptly describes our current situation.

That leaves the opposition between Jupiter and Uranus. In many places in the world uncertainty is the rule. What will Brexit do to the British economy? How will Assad rule a nation that he has reduced to ruins? What will happen to the millions of refugees in Europe and other places? And, of course, what can we really expect from a President Trump? The combination of tension and anticipation that this opposition describes is something we all feel.

These three planets will remain close to that 20th to 21st degree throughout the holiday season and for the first couple of weeks of January. Maybe we should think of this configuration as Christmas gift from the universe, a moment in which we might look at the world that we’ve created and make some judgments about what we’ve done right and where we’ve gone wrong.