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When Good Aspects Go BadGunImage

I’ve cut back on commenting on the horoscopes of the various shooters and killers that crop up in our violent society because I just don’t like giving such people extra attention. However, ever once and a while one comes along whose horoscope can provide us with a helpful lesson in astrology. The Charleston, South Carolina mass murderer, Dylann Roof, is a case in point.

We don’t have a time of birth for Dylann Roof, though the horoscope that I’ve done for noon on his birthday (click on Dylann Roof to see the chart) has some possibilities. It places his conjunction of Mercury and Mars close to his Midheaven. That would a placement conductive to the violence Roof displayed when he went into the Emanuel African Episcopal Church and began shooting people.

However, the aspects I want to focus on would be in force no matter what time he was born on that day. That is the double sextile between his Mercury and Mars in Pisces and Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn. Of course, the Uranus to Neptune conjunction is a generational aspect. Between 1993 and 1994 it was the single most dominant alignment in the sky. So the fact that Roof has two planets connected to it is significant.

The sextile is an “easy” aspect, in which the energy of one planet is smoothly transferred to another and vice versa. I think it was Donna Cunningham who dubbed it the “oh, that” aspect because the attributes it conveys seem so natural to us that we don’t think about them until they are pointed out.

What Uranus and Neptune give to Mercury in this aspect is thinking that is original and fearless. Uranus provides radical ideas that go against common wisdom. Neptune brings in emotionality. At its best this can translate into spiritual thinking, or increased compassion. What Uranus gives to Mars in the capacity for quick and decisive actions, and what Neptune provides is a desire for actions that transcend the norm, that defy accepted realities.

For most people such an alignment of planets would result in extraordinary creativity. It might describe someone with a natural ability in music, theater or the visual arts, and just enough rebelliousness to do something truly original with that talent. This would be someone for whom finding new and creative solutions to old problems would be a natural thing,

Obviously, this is not the way this aspect worked for Dylann Roof. For him, Uranus became the means of sucking up half-baked ideas about racial superiority, and Neptune clouded his mind with problems that did not exist and rediculous solutions that were both utterly foolish, and tragically destructive.

This is why Roof has shown no remorse for his actions. His thinking is still locked into the easy back-and-forth of this benevolent sextile. Maybe, at some point in the future, something will happen in Roof’s life that will shock him out of the insidious loop. Until then, however, this so-called “good” aspect will continue reinforce errant and hateful thoughts and actions.

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